Alaçatı, Çeşme – Izmir – Turkey

GPS : 38°13’50.4″N 26°22’48.0″E / 38.230662, 26.380009

Bozalan Burnu (Alaçatı) Lighthouse
GPS : 38°13’32.0″N 26°23’24.0″E / 38.225556, 26.390000
Focal Plane : 33 mt, Tower Height : 8 mt
Character : W. FI.(2) 5.0 Second, Flashing Character : 0.3+1.0+0.3+3.4
Visibility Range : 6,5 nautical miles

Alaçati Bay or Agriler Liman

A large bay 7.5 M from Ak Burun. It is reputed to be the windsurfing capital of Turkey because it is very windy. On the NW side there is a new small shipyard and a marina.

NOTICE: Anchoring in Alacati Bay is forbidden by the regulation issued by Izmir Port Authority. You can only use the marina for mooring.

The declaration read – The harbour master of Çeşme and Turkish Coast Guard Officer declare that ; “Alaçati Bay is forbidden for anchoring. Especially in front of marina and surfing areas” Please kindly obey these formal rules.

Later the coast guard came out and told me “ No anchoring – you must go into the marina” I told them I didn’t need the marina and would leave the bay. After a long phone call they headed back to the marina, returning half an hour later with a piece of paper with the Lats and Longs of the ‘No anchoring areas’. The three areas are – In the shallows at the head of the bay – (too shallow for a keel boat). Immediately south of the marina and in the shallows in the South East corner of the bay.

There is now a buoyed channel leading to the marina, as long as you are north of that, there is plenty of room to anchor before the ‘no anchoring area’. There were five other boats anchored in that area and the holding seemed fine.” There is more discussion on the topic on that thread.
At the head of the bay there is a dredged canal with several upscale houses and private piers.

The old town of Alaçatı, about 2 km inland has now been totally restored and wealthy people from Istanbul and Izmir have bought the old houses paying outrageous prices. It is well worth a visit. It has many upscale restaurants and every Saturday morning there is an extensive outdoor market.

Danger: Follow the channel marked by the buoys because of very shallow water especially to the W.

Alaçatı bay is one of the greatest windsurfing destinations in the world. International windsurf championships are held in Alaçatı. The shores are shallow. Southerly blowing winds are predominant in the region.

They blow full – strength at noon and die off in the late afternoon. It gives rise to violent wind along the shore of Alaçatı. There is a marina in the region and the coves are attractive for the sailors. All sorts of provisions can be found and transport facilities to most destinations are regularly available.

Care is needed for the shallows patches and reefs.
Dangerous Areas;
1-Two rocks in the middle which lie 1.80 of water on the east of Akburun,
2-Shallow patches along the shores of Alaçatı,
3-Rocks off the southwest tip of Çiğdem Island extend about 200 m to the south,
4-There is an islet by the peninsula’s and reefs extend 60 meter on the south side between Değirmen Burnu and Zetineli Limanı.

Süngükaya Adası
Fl 5s 42m 10M
38°17.6’N – 26°11.7’E
Bozalan Burnu
Fl (2) 5s 33m 6M
38°13.5’N – 26°23.4’E
Teke Burnu
Fl (3) 15s 38m 10M
38°06.3’N – 26°35.6’E

Alaçatı (also known as Alatsata, from Greek Agrilia) is an Aegean town on the western coast of İzmir Province in Turkey, which has been famous for its architecture, vineyards and windmills for over 150 years. It has now made its name in the world of windsurfing and kitesurfing, with its crystal clear water, consistent and steady wind and well acclaimed hospitality.

Alacati is one of the most authentic towns in Turkey with stone houses, narrow streets, boutique hotels and restaurants with tables on the streets. Alacati has a great nightlife, where the nightclubs by the seaside are open until morning. The area is also home to the Alacati yacht marina and the famous Port Alacati development.

Alacati has stone houses and narrow streets with pavements. The centre of Alacati only has old Greek houses which are over 100 years old. As the town was declared as a historical site in 2005, the buildings are well protected. The new houses built recently built closely are constructed by using exactly the same architecture.

The beach on the windsurfing cove, which lies about 2 km south of village, is connected to village centre by minibuses (dolmuş).

Windsurfing. The cove of Alaçatı lies on the leeward side of this much windy peninsula in Turkey’s western tip, which means lots of wind but no visible waves towards the coast — perfect for windsurfing! There are some schools offering windsurfing training on the beach.

Babylon Alaçatı Beach.
A great private beach in Alaçatı, mostly preferred by holidaymakers from Istanbul.

Alacatı Yacht Marina
Alacatı Yacht Marina is not only ideal for mooring, but it also houses several stylish restaurants and bars open till late.

Every saturday there is a local market with fresh fruit and vegetables and a variety of other produce, clothes and other articles which attracts both locals and tourists.

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Alaçatı, Alaçatı Belediyesi, 35930 Çeşme/İzmir, Turkey

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