Ekincik, Köyceğiz – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°49’05.1″N 28°33’22.8″E / 36.818090, 28.556326

Kurşuncuk (West) Burnu Lighthouse
Fl 5s 40m 5M
GPS : 36°49’20.6″N 28°32’58.0″E / 36.822378, 28.549434

Beautiful Ekincik is a natural harbor that is safe against nearly all winds for yachts. Visitors enjoy the scented green forests and view of small farms across the bay as well as the ease of dropping anchor in front of “My Marina” Restaurant which is known for its excellent fish dishes and lovely views. Ekincik Limanı is a cove with several anchorages and a restaurant quay with laid moorings. Beautiful Ekincik is a natural harbor that is safe against nearly all winds for charter yachts.

The people of the little village have a well-deserved reputation for their hospitality, making you feel right at home. As you sit in the cockpit or walk along the shores, the scent of pine fills the air. Sea birds and land birds in flight, wheeling and diving, add to the beauty of this quintessential Mediterranean setting. Harbor of Ekincik, located on the western entry cape of the inlet of Ekincik and covered with green pine forests, is a place of priority because it is very near to the ruined remains of Caunos.

The grassy plain is in the middle and the village of Ekincik is at the back of the inlet respectively. The cooperative of motorboats incorporated by the villagers here, will take you from your sailboat and carry to Caunos. You can drop anchor in the part where there are motorboats and along the wide sand beach, and also in the wonderful inlet amongst the verdure exactly opposite the lighthouse. If you can find a place for yourself in this inlet where the green and the blue are intermingled with each other, it will be both safe and pleasing to anchor there.

An absolute must-go is the Ekincik bay – surrounded by a picturesque mountain scene und wonderful caves, which can be reached by boat or swimming. On the right side of the Ekincik bay numerous ships and boats enter the small harbor and give the bay a nice atmosphere. Also those who travel with their own yacht should not miss to visit this place. It is the most convenient place to stay for visiting the near by delta of the Köycegiz Çay (river). Up river is the ancient Caunus, the picturesque village of Dalyan, and the green Köyceğiz Gölü lake.

Ekincik Liman is on the north shore of Port Köyceğiz. Wild, steep wooded slopes surround the bay. The shore line is a sandy beach. It is one the prettiest and most picturesque bays in the region, and best place to leave your boat when you visit anchient Kaunos. Ekincik Limanı is a cove with several anchorages and a restaurant quay with laid moorings. There are several anchorages in the bay. Boats drop anchor off the beach and swing. The anchorage on the north of the pier is adequate to be tucked up. Boats can be anchored off in 5 – 10 m. The bottom is sand-weed. It affords sheltering from the northerlies.

There are two areas that you can anchor, both which can get crowded. The SW cove is usually the least crowded. If you anchor there you should take a very long line to a tree. The NE cove is the most crowded but it also affords the best protection from the meltemi. Depths are 8 – 15 m and the bottom is sand with good holding. During the day there is continuous traffic of day-trip boats to the river.

Ekincik Quay
GPS : 36°49’42.8″N 28°32’55.5″E / 36.828548, 28.548752
There is a long pier on NW corner. This pier is administrated by the cooperative, allowing berthing up to 15 boats. Boats anchor fore-and aft. Water and electricty connections are available. A fee is charged. Provisions are available from the grocery shops in the village. Fuel can be supplied from truck-tanker, it comes from Köyceğiz 35 km away.

It is a port that has the port of Ekincik as well within its lots of coves. On its western part, among the popular stopping or over-nighting coves there are Semizce, Kargı and Karaçay. There are two anchoring points in the port of Ekincik. One of them is Köy Önü (in front of the village), the other is the Maden quay – My Marina Club.

The quay in front of the village belongs to the village autonomy. On the quay there is a line of dolmuş (shared) boats that run to the beaches of Dalyan-İztuzu. In Ekincik there are hotels, pensions, shops, buffets, showers-toilets and telephone booths. The beach is hundreds of meters long. From the port you can get to Köyceğiz and the Muğla-Fethiye main road.

The port on the south east of the Maden (Mine) port used to serve ships carrying mined chromium and that was converted to provide services to yachts and is owned by My Marina Club. The restaurant under the trees within the facilities has a well-earned reputation for its range of fish.

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Ekincik, Ekincik Mahallesi, 48800 Köyceğiz/Muğla, Turkey

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