Amazonkoyu, Marmaris – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°49’47.7″N 28°03’01.0″E / 36.829924, 28.050270

Amazon (Maden – Gücük – Küçükgünlük) Cove is located at Marmaris and the Maden Cove located on the Euroclydon direction of the Bördübet Harbor stretches inland like a fiord with lush pine forests on both sides.

This lies on the Southeastern part of Gökova Korfezi 2.5 Nmiles East of Mersincik Burnu. When approaching, the 3 m depth at the entrance goes down very fast, so care is needed. The inner sections of the cove are deep up to the low sand cape stretching from the north part of the cove. There are shrubs between 6 and 10 m anchored here. The base is a mixture of sand and mud, and it is perfect for anchoring. You can either anchor or berth on its southern side.

The cove is closed to all weather except for the western- lodos and when the breeze shifts to the west, there is light swell. There is a low wooden pier. This is the beach of the Amazon Campsite inland. A path under the trees goes to the camp.

The 2 m depth line extends to the other shore in the east after the wooden pier. A buoy close to the pier indicates this shallowness. The extensive cove onwards is shallow. At the end, there is a backwater winding inwards. Do not forget to explore this backwater with your boat. A canal with a depth ranging between half a meter and 1 m enters into a creek after the wooden pier following the northern shore of the cove. The canal is marked.

There are piles with red marked tips to the starboard, and the white ones are for the port side. The backwater with large pines looming over extends to the Amazon campsite pier inland in a winding manner like a snake. The Amazon campsite is a small and clean facility visited by nature-lovers for a quiet holiday. It also serves yachters coming to the cove. You can address your food, beverage, and shower, telephone, etc. needs here. You can taste the village bread they bake and shop at its general store.

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