Ortaca – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°43’20.2″N 28°38’54.4″E / 36.722276, 28.648451

Between İztuzu and Sarıgerme there are almost no coves you can shelter in, the only one being Aşı Cove. Aşı İçi Limanı lies on the north of Dişibilmez Bay, squezed between points; Kara Burun and Dişibilmez. The shoreline is wild with steep rocks. A conical gray rock rises sheer from the sea. This spot is popular for divers and tripper boats.

There are good depths in the bay. Boats can anchor in 10 – 15 m and get a line ashore. The cove provides reasonable shelter from breeze. Strong northerlies send in swell. It is a nice spot for swimming breaks. The anchorage on the north off the beach affords sheltering from breeze. Boats drop anchor in 8 – 10 m and take a line ashore. Prevailing wind send in a light swell at night. It is a small cove with room for a few boats.

Those who come to Aşı by sea get into the cove through rocky cliffs on two hills either side of the cove’s mouth. There is a small island of dark or pointed stones in the mouth of the cove. It is available for swimming and shelter.

There is a small and clean restaurant on the waterfront.

There are attractive caves in the cove. You can explore them by dinghy. The hillsides are wooded in pine. A rough path in the valley leads to the town of Ortaca 25 km. The residents of Ortaca use this cove for outings.

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Ortaca/Muğla Province, Turkey

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