Demre – Antalya – Turkey

GPS : 36°12’38.2″N 29°54’04.0″E / 36.210600, 29.901100

Aşırlı Island at the entrance of the cove is a popular stopping point for daily boat tours from Demre or Kaş. The island has a large cove and you can moor here. There is also a restaurant on the island.

Proceedings towards Çayağzı (Andriake), Demyra’s port, you will see the Asirli Island on the left. Having an overall lenght of 800 m there exist no settlement on the island. However, its surroinding bays are very suitable for anchoring of the daily touring boats and blue voyage yachts. You can swim, dive and fish with harpoon.

The island creates two passing straits. South of this island there is a sea cave and on the north resting areas. When taking a motorboat tour of Kekova, swimming breaks are given at the bays of western end of the island. The cave large enough to allow entrance of boats and is very attractive similar to the other caves in the surrounding with colors formed by the reflection sunlight.

There is also a sea cave at the SE end of Ashil islet which you can enter in the dinghy and enjoy some respite from the baking summer heat.

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