Astakos Marina

Astakos 300 06, Astakós, Греция

GPS: 38°31’56.4″N 21°04’45.5″E / 38.532339, 21.079310

The town and harbour of Astakos lie on the Ionian coast of Greece, at the head of a three-mile long inlet eight miles NE of the island of Kastos. Offshore at the entrance to the bay is a cluster of small islets, the Dhragonera islands. The town is an out-and-out commercial hub, with a busy fishing fleet and regular ferry service to the islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia 20 miles to the W. Along its breakwater are numerous flat-bottomed boats which serve the extensive fish farms in the channels between the Dhragonera islands. The harbour lies at the N end of the inlet, partially protected from W by a long breakwater. Shelter is good in the prevailing winds, but the bay is completely open S and it is better to seek shelter elsewhere in strong southerlies.
The breakwater is filled with abandoned yachts and fish farm vessels
The only berthing option for yachts in Astakos is the short length of quay as described above. The inside of the breakwater is filled with laid up vessels and fish farm boats on laid moorings, as is the first 100 metres or so of the quay heading E from the breakwater root. Between the end of the small craft moorings and the start of the fishing and ferry quay there is a length of 30 – 40 metres where up to six yachts can berth using their anchors. Depths along the quay are 4.5 – 5.0 metres and the holding is good in mud. Mooring is to rather dodgy mooring rings, which would not inspire confidence in extreme weather (see photo). Shelter on the quay is good in the prevailing W/NW winds, although there can be severe gusts off the mountains behind the town. Any southerly winds cause an uncomfortable slop on the quay and conditions would become untenable in very strong southerly winds. During the summer there are sometimes quite unpleasant sewage smells on this quay.
Once this main section of the quay is full, it is possible to moor alongside (or, with care, on an anchor moor with your anchor on a slant so as not to lay over yachts on the main section of quay) the edge of the fishing/ferry quay (see photo with people sitting on this section). Depths here are 3.5 metres.
The port police are very diligent in Astakos and you will almost certainly be asked to report to them and pay harbour dues (around Euros 5 for a typical 13 metre yacht).


In settled weather, it is possible to anchor off in the bay E of the harbour in depths of 6.0 – 8.0 metres. The holding is good in sand and mud. Shelter is adequate in the prevailing winds, but in southerlies or strong winds it is better to go to the anchorage at Pandeleimon World icon.png 38°29.53′N, 21°04.80′E just over two miles S , where it is possible to find all-round shelter.
There are no hazards in the approach to Astakos, although it necessary to navigate with care if passing between the Dhragonera islands, as there some shallow reefs around them.
The quay where yachts moor is at the E end of the quay, 100 metres from the root of the breakwater and immediately before the fishing boat and ferry quay.

Vathi, Ithaca or Zakinthos (Zante) are the nearest ports of entry. See relevant port page for details.

Astakos is a functional town and not at all picturesque, but it is not unpleasant and grows on one after a day or so. It gets few visiting yachts, even during the summer, and is one of the rare places in the Ionian where they attract curious interest.

Additional information

Length: minimum 0.00 m maximum 9.00 m
Draught: minimum 0.00 m maximum 7.00 m
Number of berths: 5

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