Dalaman – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°43’29.6″N 28°54’43.1″E / 36.724884, 28.911982

Ak Bükü, which is located N of Boynuz Bükü and W of Göcek Adası, is comprised of two bays, one situated in the S and the other in the N. There is a large boulder situated in the entrance of the bay, whereas there is a beach and a fountain amidst the pine trees on the N shore. Several bays line the shores between here and Göcek.

Atbükü is a large bay, indenting to the NW, it is open to the south. A finger point divides the bay into two coves. Both sides are sandy. Boats can anchor off the beach on the west shore in 5 – 8 meters. Consider this a fair-weather anchorage for swimming breaks for tripping boats.

One of these is Günlüklü Koyu, decorated with styrax trees in the immediate vicinity. Another is Osmanağa Koyu, which is located on the other side of the peninsula which borders Günlüklü Koyu.

However, beware of the small islet S of the bay which renders passage between this islet and the shore impossible. Extending out into the sea like a tongue, Ince Burun Peninsula is situated next to Osmanağa Koyu.

Depths shelve toward marshland. Both sides are adequate for anchoring with a line ashore.

There are a lot of reeds in the bay. One side of the bay is a bit muddy therefore after sunset the mosquitoes invade the bay. The calm water within the bay makes it a good choice for those families with children.

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Dalaman, 48770 Dalaman/Muğla Province, Turkey

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