Áy Kiriakis harbour

Zóla, Greece

GPS: 38°18’38.8″N 20°28’31.5″E / 38.310768, 20.475416

Áy Kiriakis, located in Zóla, is a good place to stop and take a break from your trip. Ayia Kyriaki or Ayia Kiriaki is a lovely small harbour in NW Kefalonia. However, it is usually full of fishing boats and only a small yacht could squeeze in. It is totally exposed in the prevailing NW winds and entry would be dangerous in winds of any strength from that quarter. Depths in the harbour are 2.0 metres or less.

Also, there are bars and supermarkets in the surrounding areas, where you can stock up on food and basic goods.

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Zola, Greece

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