Sarıgerme, Ortaca – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°41’33.7″N 28°41’38.1″E / 36.692700, 28.693931

Baba Island Lighthouse
GPS : 36°41’35.8″N 28°41’35.9″E / 36.693278, 28.693306
Fl (2) 5s 58m 7M
Type of Flashing : Flashing (Fl), Light Color : White / W, Interval of Flashing : 5
Focal Height : 58

Once you have passed Karaburun, the height of the mountains fall and you get to the Dalaman Plateau. This is Dalaman Inlet. Just further up is Baba Island, the guardian of the Dalaman Inlet and right after that is Sarıgerme Beach. Visiting boats anchor in the rocky small cove on the north east of Baba Island. The sea is clean and shiny. A cave close to the northern end of the island crosses the island from one side to the other. On the top of the hill there is the ruin of a tower.

A small anchorage 10 Nm W of Fethiye and few miles E of Ekincik Liman. Anchor at the S side of the island at 5 – 8 m with a shore line. Pleasant and isolated but only in good weather.

Opposite to the beach is “Baba Island” which can be reached by swimming across to it. When you reach to the peak of the Island looking back at the beach, with its golden sands, the green of the forestry area beyond, the blue skies and the sail boats gently bobbing on the water makes for a spectacular site. There are some interesting diving sites in the area.

Baba Island is situated right off the coast where boats and yachts traveling between Marmaris and Göcek often stop. The sheltered side of the island looking directly at Sarıgerme, is used to moor the boats and yachts. The other face of the island is rocky and quite suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving. It is possible for strong swimmers to swim to the island, climb to the top and enjoy a great view of the beautiful coastline surrounding the area.

Baba Adası is 1 Nm east of Point Karaburun. There is a lighthouse on the island. A hole on the south pierces the island from one side to other. Olive trees cover the island and there are ruins of a castle. A cove on the north of island is adequate spot for anchoring.

Boats drop anchor in 6 – 8 m and get a line ashore. The bottom is sand. The shoreline is rocky and sharp. Be careful while taking a line ashore. Prevailing winds cause swell. Baba Adası is a fair-weather anchorage for swimmimg breaks. Anchorage is not recommended at night.

The zone from island to the mainland is too bumpy because of water sport activities of the holiday villages of Sarıgerme where transport facilities are available to Dalaman Airport (12 km).

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Sarıgerme, Sarıgerme Mahallesi, 48600 Ortaca/Muğla Province, Turkey

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