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GPS : 39°28’24.7″N 26°04’02.5″E / 39.473522, 26.067359

Bababurnu Lightgouse
GPS : 39°28’47.0″N 26°03’50.0″E / 39.479731, 26.063892
Focal Plane : 32 m ( 105 ft ), Tower Height : 10 m ( 33 ft )
Character : W. FI. (4) 20.0 Second, Flashing Character : 0.5+2.0+0.5+2.0+0.5+2.0+0.5+12
Visibility Range : 18 nautical miles

VHF Channels : 16
Call Sign : ” babakale marina ”

Main Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 39°28’26.6″N 26°04’00.5″E / 39.474047, 26.066806

Babakale lighthouse is located at the point where is finishing the Asian continent and the castle Babakale. This lighthous is a special among than other ligthhouse in our country. During construction of the castle the lighthouse lights were illuminated for Molivos, Molivos castle, for the residents and seafarers of the Aegean Sea every night, and not only for them, for all of the world.

The freshly restored castle looks as if it is new when and the narrow streets running past old village houses lead to the Bababurnu Lighthouse, a site known to all seafarers in the region. Among the historic sites that survived to our day are the castle, the public fountain and the mosque.

Babakale is a seaside village of Ayvacık district of Çanakkale Province. The main livelihood source of the village are olive groves and fishing. Babakale is the furthest western most point on Turkey’s Asian mainland. Babakale is a village in Turkish region of Northern Aegean. When you enter from the north you see Babakale’s long beach. The village is located on a high rocky terrain, it covered with olive and plane trees.

This is a village, where you can walk from one end to the other in approximately 5 – 10 minutes. Most of the village consists of fairly well preserved houses of stone architecture typical of the region. You will also notice a fountain or two dating back to Ottoman period along the cobbled streets of the village.

Babakale is the most westerly point on the Anatolian coasts. From the north, you can’t miss the mountains cliffs rising sharply on the shore. Babakale Shelter is on Babakale Point. The village is up the hill from the port, and can provide limited provisions.

Boats should anchor and go stern to the breakwater. This port affords all round shelter. Southerlies push swell in. Berthing in summer months is possible. It is busy in winter months. Babakale is the main spot for fish transport to all destinations in Turkey.


Berthing Capacity : 200 Boats

Anchoring & Mooring
Anchor is good because bottom is sand. Best is to board to seashore side quay with fenders.

Main Breakwater : 575 m
Inner Breakwater : 275 m

Depth : The depths in the inlet are 2-8 meters. Boats should anchor and go stern to the breakwater.

Electricity : Connection is available.
Water : Connection is available.
Fuel : Can be obtained from a tanker truck.
Laundry : Laundry service is rendered.
50 metre çekek yeri
Quay : 120 m (-3 m), 260 m (-2 m)
Lighthouse : Outer Breakwater

Administration : Babakale Municipality

Communication : Post Office Agent, Phone, Internet
Health : Health Center, Doctots, Hospital (Ayvacık)
Accommodation : Hotels, Pensions, Rental Houses
Shopping : Stores, Markets
Dining : Restaurants, Fish Restaurants
Entertainment : Coffee house
Special Shopping : White Cheese, Hunter Knifes, Olive Oils, Thyme
Telecomunication : Phone, Post Office, Internet
Public Market : Takes place on Saturdays
Beach : Ak Liman fine sand and the sea is shallow for one hundred meters out

Babakale Village sits on a cape that is exactly the westernmost point of mainland Asia. Village Authorities offers Westernmost Point Of Mainland Asia to visitors.

As it is positioned at the crossing point between Marmara and the Aegean, according to the season you can get several fresh fishes. You can sample fish in the village. There are a few fish restaurants in the village.


The citadel of the village, which dates back to 18th century and made of unique, local, somewhat shiny black rocks, sits directly on the westernmost tip of Asia and is the main attraction of the village. Strategically located on northeastern Aegean, it was built to control the trade in the strait between the mainland and the Greek island of Lesvos which is just around the horizon. A windy place with some impressive views over the cliffs towards the sea, though inner part of the citadel is used for local weddings and celebrations of the village and thus may be a little bit untidy with white plastic chairs and firepits.

İn 1723 Sultan Ahmet III with his navy expedition goes into a storm and decides to stay in the village. Local people knew that the Sultan has the power and decided to seek help for him, so he helped them solve the problem with pirates. After listening to them, he instructed the matter Vizier Ibrahim Pasha and Mustafa Pasha captain. Immediately was a decree issued and sent to all sides of the country, that all prisoners will be directed to construction of the castle, and in return they will get freedom.

Here from all over of the country were brought thousands of prisoners. They have worked tirelessly day and night because they knew that in return they will receive freedom. However, during construction of the prisoners rebelled and killed the captain Derya Mustafa Pasha, but it did not stop to finish construction of the castle. The name of the village Babakale left from name of the castle. After completion of construction of the castle, all prisoners were to live here and for them began a new life.

Prisoners were pave the 5 km of water pipes and thus appeared in the village drinking water. Water source was built in 1726, was of great importance for the Ottoman fleet. Each time the men were recruited water and could use it for many months in the open sea, the water does not spoil and does not lose its taste. Currently, however, the source does not work.
Babakale castle occupies a special place in the history of the Ottoman Empire. Because this is the last castle which was built during the Ottoman Empire. As a local people say that when construction of castle began immediately started building of castle in the same plane in Midili island Molivos town. Every evening litghs of the Molivos castle say hello Babakale.

At the expiration of the time and winds Aegean Sea, the castle and its walls collapsed. Part of the wall began to fall. Now the castle under the protection of government and part of the castle has been restored. Babakale castle was built using limestone and a mixture of sand, and in a rectangular form. In every corner of the castle there are 10 round ball. In the castle go through the big iron gates. At the entrance there is a large corridor and then starts the entrance to the castle.

At the top of the door has an inscription, which is dedicated to those times. “This land was abandoned, sleep soundly. Hated enemy and it was a refuge against the pirates. It settled ideas of Mohammed, the enemies are constantly robbed. Captain Vizier Mustafa Pasha was so close to God and the Sultan and well-treated people. To get rid of enemies at once began building work on the castle. Captain Mustapha Pasha also builted a bathhouse, a spring and a mosque in the village.

The castle site was occupied by the Turkish-Muslims people. Thanks to Mustafa Pasha, this sturdy and beautiful castle was completed. Built a fortress at the entrance of the Strait, may God keep all of the enemies. ”

At the entrance to the castle there is a water source on the left side. And to meet the needs of people and soldiers who lived here had a mosque and several houses. Over time, buildings were broken, and now of them stayed only a foundation. In the south-eastern and north-eastern side of the castle is located right ladder by which one could climb to the top of the castle.

The village make a living based on olives, shoe and knife making. In recent years tourism has been added to its sources of income. Its knife making goes far back in history. There are families that have been making knives for six generations. The steel they take from cars is their material. The make handles from the loquat tree and the sheaths from the wood of poplar trees. The knives are functional and very sharp. But the numbers of those keeping up this traditional occupation are gradually decreasing.

Babakale – Gürpınar 9 km, Behramkale 35 km, Ayvacık 52 km, Çanakkale City 100 km.
Babakale – Lesvos Island 4 Nmile.
Minibus : Babakale – Gülpınar, Behramkale, Ezine
Bus : Babakale – Ezine, Ayvacık
Airport : İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport, Edremit Airport, Çanakkale Airport

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