Blue Lagoon at Comino

Blue Lagoon, Triq Kemmuneti, Malta

GPS: 36°00’51.1″N 14°19’21.9″E  /   36.014184, 14.322756

Situated between Malta and Gozo, the smaller island of Comino is a paradise for snorkelers, divers, windsurfers and ramblers.Only 3.5 square kilometers, Comino is car-free and apart from one hotel, is virtually uninhabited.The island’s main attraction is the Blue Lagoon. In summer, this sheltered inlet of shimmering aquamarine water over white sand is very popular with day-trippers. Other beaches on the island include Santa Marija Bay and San Niklaw Bay.Comino is also worth a visit in winter, and is ideal for walkers and photographers. With no urban areas or cars on the island, one can easily smell the scent of wild thyme and other herbs.Comino was inhabited in the Roman period, but did not have much significance until the Knights arrived. It then had a dual role: hunting grounds and a staging post in the defence of the Maltese Islands against the Ottoman Turks.
Also known as ‘Bejn il-Kmiemen’. This is one of the most beautiful bays in Malta extremely popular with both tourists and locals. Very well frequented by foreign and local yachts. Ideal for over night anchoring in reasonable weather conditions. With soft bottom holding ground. Although this bay is open from both sides, in summer no through way is possible since a swimming zone extends from one side to the other, that is from the Comino side to the Cominotto side.

Comino has one resort hotel, which is ideal for those looking for a tranquil getaway.

Places of interest

Blue Lagoon (Lagoon Blue or Bejn il-Kmiemen) (between Comino proper and the small island of Comminotto). This lagoon is characterized by an unusually clear turquoise water, white sandy bottom and a large number of underwater inhabitants. The best place for swimmers and divers. But ships and scooters are forbidden to enter the lagoon.
St. Mary’s Tower (it-Torri ta’ Santa Marija).  Wikidata element Is the most noticeable structure of the island. Built in 1618 on the project of Vittorio Cassar for protection from pirates. Currently owned by the Maltese military and serves as a post to combat poachers.
Church of Santa Maria element Wikidata (located in the Bay of the same name). The current Church of the diocese of Gozo. Built in the XII century, rebuilt in the XVIII century
Battery St. Mary.  Element Wikidata Semicircular fortification of the XVIII century. To date, two of the four 6-pound guns have survived. The fortifications were restored in 1996.

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Blue Lagoon,Triq Kemmuneti, Malta


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