Cala Verde Marina

Porto di Calaverde, Pula (CA) SS 195 km 38,7, 09010 Pula, Italy

VHF: 10

GPS: 38°56’11.0″N 8°56’24.0″E / 38.936375, 8.940006

Cala Verde Marina is located in Pula. It is distant 30 kilometers from Cagliari and it is a lovely dock where it is possible to berth and live the sea in all its forms. Fishing, bathing, boating and diving are just some of the possibilities offered to boaters that reaches Cala Verde, whose name, as it is easy to assume, is due to the emerald of its waters. Diving specially attracts visitors: for experts or for sub novices, inside of the marina is located a diving center that provides not only their own boats, their equipment and their charging stations but also the responsibility for the issue of international licenses. Well worth the effort to catch the license as Scuba diving trips leave you breathless, but still with much oxygen in the tanks. Underwater meadows and mountains are inhabited by agile bream and sinuous croakers, groupers and imposing slippery eels.

Cala Verde Marina is also known as Port of Cala Verde and it is located in the Italian municipality of Pula, in southern Sardinia. It is a part of the province of Cagliari and only 25 km away from the historic city with the same name. This marina specializes in tourism and nautical activities and it is a popular seaside resort with great beaches and famous hotels. It is also known as an ancient land that shares many of its treasures with travellers from the four corners of the world. The Nora archaeological site, its theatre and thermal baths are popular attractions that have been well-preserved through time. A large tourist village called Santa Margherita di Pula can be visited by tourists who wish to enjoy a natural environment. Cala Verde is one of the main beaches that enchant sun seekers and water sports enthusiasts. Its waters are simply breath-taking and its views are sublime. Luxurious hotels and resorts can be found in Pula, such as the Lantana Hotel & Residence.


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Pula (CA) SS 195 km 38,7, Pula

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