Çanakkale – Çanakkale – Turkey

GPS : 40°09’05.4″N 26°24’11.9″E / 40.151508, 26.403310

Ferryboat Portside Waterbreak Lighthouse
GPS : 40°09’03.2″N 26°24’01.1″E / 40.150893, 26.400318
Focal Plane : 7 m, Tower Height : 4 m
Character : G. Fix, Flashing Character :
Visibility Range : 3 nautical miles

Çimenlik Lighthouse
GPS : 40°08’49.9″N 26°23’52.5″E / 40.147192, 26.397906
Focal Plane : 15 m (49 ft), Tower Height : 14 m (46 ft)
Character : G. R. Fl. 5.0 Second, Flashing Character : 1.0 + 4.0
Visibility Range : 10 nautical miles

Nara Burnu Lighthouse
GPS : 40°11’50.0″N 26°23’40.0″E / 40.197222, 26.394444
Focal Plane : 10 m, Tower Height : 8,5 m
Character : W.FI.(2) 10.0 Second, Flashing Character : 1.0+2.0+1.0+6.0
Visibility Range : 12 nautical miles

Kilitbahir Lighthouse
GPS : 40°08’53.0″N 26°22’48.0″E / 40.148056, 26.380000
Focal Plane : 7 m, Tower Height : 4 m
Character : R.FI. 3.00 Second, Flashing Character : 0.3 + 2.7
Visibility Range : 15 nautical miles

Main Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 40°09’06.0″N 26°24’11.6″E / 40.151668, 26.403208
Çanakkale is a province of Turkey, located in the northwestern part of the country. It takes its name from the town of Çanakkale. Like Istanbul, Çanakkale province has a European (Thrace) and an Asian (Anatolia) part. The European part is formed by the Gallipoli (Gelibolu) peninsula, while the Asian part is largely coterminous with the historic region of Troy in Anatolia. They are separated by the Dardanelles strait, connecting the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea.

Çanakkale is a town and seaport in Çanakkale Province, on the southern (Asian) coast of the Dardanelles at their narrowest point. The city is the nearest major town to the site of ancient Troy. The “wooden horse” from the 2004 movie Troy is exhibited on the seafront. Çanakkale is the second city to be situated on two continents after Istanbul. Çanakkale is the nearest major town to the site of ancient Troy.

Capacity : 55 boats

Main Breakwater : 85 m
Inner Breakwater : 15 m

Drinkable Water
Fuel Pump
Administration Building
Net Repairing Area

Administration : Çanakkale Fishery Products Cooperative

Accommodation : Hotels, Motels, Pensions, Apart Hotels, Holiday Villages
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries
Health : Hospitals, Health Centers, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacies, Dentists
Shopping : Hipermarkets, Supermarkets, Shops, Markets, Stores
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet, Wi-Fi
Hair dresser
Repairing & Maintenance Workshops
Technical Equipment Shops
Entertainment : Bars, Discotheques, Night Clubs
Trips : Daily trips to battlefields
Scuba Diving : Daily trips to scuba diving to old ships wrecks available.
Public Market : Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays


Sea Ambulance Service
With our fully equipped sea ambulances placed in Istanbul Büyükdere, Gökçeada, Marmara Island and Çanakkale, transportation of the patients who must be evacuated has been provided.

Medical Evacuation by Sea
In Turkish search and rescue area, in urgent cases after clinical evaluation it can be decided for the patient to be evacuated. When decision comes to medical evacuation, evacuation organization is done by liaisons with other search and rescue units.

Health Consultancy
Our Call Center offers consulting service to authorized staff of Turkish, foreign air and sea vehicles to be under way in every kinds of question and problems related to health and/or illness.

The Dardanelles Strait is one of the most important geological feature of Çanakkale. This is the almost 60 km (38 miles) long ribbon of water separating the continent of Europe from the Asia Minor. Throughout history, anyone who controlled this gateway commanded a highly strategic area. There are many stories told about this place.

Troy is the common name for the city at the entrance of the Dardanelles located on the Hisarlık Hill, the Bronze Age fortress and the settlement, the legendary city of King Priam that was completely destroyed at the end of the ten year long Trojan War. Troy was also known as Ilios and Ilion.

Fish Restaurants are very famous with their fishes, cooking and services. Fishes available due to seasons.


Minibus : Çanakkale – Eceabat, Kabatepe, Çanakkale – Geyikli Yükyeri
Bus : Çanakkale – Bandırma, Balıkesir, Ezine, Edremit, Ayvalık, Manisa, İzmir, İstanbul
Ferryboat : Çanakkale – Eceabat, Çanakkale – Kilitbahir, Kabatepe – Gökçeada, Geyikli Yükyeri – Bozcaada
Seabus : Çanakkale Port – Kuzu Port (Gökçeada), Kabatepe – Kuzu Port Gökçeada, Çanakkale Port – Bozcaada
Airport : Çanakkale Airport, Balıkesir Körfez Airport, Balıkesir Central Airport, İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport, Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, Atatürk International Airport

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