Kumluca – Antalya – Turkey

GPS : 36°22’00.0″N 30°30’00.0″E / 36.366667, 30.500000

Ceneviz Liman or Genoese Harbor is a wonderful, but crowded, anchorage in a dramatic setting surrounded by mountains. The nearby Musa Dağı peak (987 m) towers over the cove and the not so distant Mt. Olympos to the North is often enveloped in the clouds. Ceneviz Limanı is 2.5 Nm on the NE of Çavuş Burn and affords all round shelter.

Anchor wherever there is space in 5 -10 metre depths. Good holding on a sandy bottom. If the anchorage is busy, it is best to also use a shore line to avoid swinging towards the many gulets, as the preeminently S – SE wind usually swings to the north in the evening. This is also worth bearing in mind when setting your anchor.

When approaching, an islet in the middle at the entry is identified. Both sides are free of danger in the fairway. Depth in the bay gently shelves ashore and drops to 6 – 13 meters off the beach side. The bottom is sand, it provides good holding.

The bay gets crowded during the day time. It is always better to take a line ashore to the western side. Strong northerlies push swell in. The settings are attractive. There are tremendous sunsets to witness from the slopes. A rough path goes to Sazak Village. About 2 mW of Ceneviz there is Çıralı Liman from where you can walk to Olympos. You can either anchor there temporarily or take the dinghy.

Caution: Avoid the above-water rocks at the entrance of the cove and at the SW corner of the bay.

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Kumluca, Antalya, Turkey

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