Kumluca – Antalya – Turkey

GPS : 36°20’31.8″N 30°31’27.9″E / 36.342172, 30.524414

Taşlıkburnu (Şıldanlar) Lighthouse
GPS : 36°13’09.0″N 30°24’34.8″E / 36.219165, 30.409673
Focal Plane : 227 m, Tower Height : 9
Character : W. Fl. (3) 10.0 Sn., Flashing Character : 0,5+1,5+0,5+1,5+0,5+5,5
Visibility Range : 15 nautical miles

Adrasan Lighthouse
GPS : 36°17’55.9″N 30°29’12.3″E / 36.298850, 30.486739
Focal Plane : 45 m, Tower Height : 10 m
Character : W. Mo. (A) 15.O Sn, Flashing Character : W. Mo. (A) 15.O Sn
Visibility Range : 8 nautical miles

Çoban Limanı is a naturel and wild harbour and yachts uses for sheltering and night staying. It is a big cove. Sea colour is changing due to anchorage place and hours.

There is no water and land way.

This special little cove was excellent for snorkelling and the abundance of small colorful fish. Çoban Limanı is wonderful place for diving about 60 m deep.

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Kumluca, Antalya, Turkey

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