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GPS : 36°59’46.1″N 27°47’33.3″E / 36.996130, 27.79257

he Gulf of Gökova, which is the 50 mile deep inlet between the Bodrum peninsula to the north and the Datça peninsula to the south. Çökertme Koyu indents to the north between Points; Kepçe Burun and Karaburun. Çökertme is a favorite layover port for the chartering boats.

Çökertme also known as Fesiliyen Koyu or Vasilika. It’s an attractive spot, hemmed in by high precipitous slopes covered with pine trees and olive groves on the lower slopes. The small hamlet perches on the sand at the foot of the slopes and has a reputation for being a welcoming place to stop-over on a Çökertme yacht charter.

Çökertme is on the northern coast of the Gulf of Gökova and between Kepçe Cape and Karaburun Cape. The bay takes its the name from village in the harbor . Çökertme is quite sheltered against winds from the west to the north and east. Çökertme is one of the most preferred bays in Gokova by yachtsmen. Its coast is very long, the shores of the island are covered with pines and olive trees.

Çökertme is subject to heritage conservation programme, to preserve its identity. Çökertme still carries some of the charm being fishing and carpet-weaving village. There are carpet and kilim stands in the village. A road goes in for about 3 km to Bozalan Village where you can see carpet-weaving examples and enjoy stupendous view of Çökertme and Gökova.

An excellent sail here today passing Bodrum and some very pretty coastline to Çökertme Koyu, a big inlet with three restaurant jetties. You are bound to find a good bunch of like-minded charterers with whom to shoot the breeze late into the night in one of the waterfront restaurants. There are restaurants with piers along the shore. These piers afford adequate shelter from southerlies. The bottom is weed.

Pine and olive trees surround the bay. the coves by the western end, intending to the north afford sheltering from westerly and northerly blowing winds. You can be anchored in 10 – 15 meters and get aline ashore. The cove on the north is more shallow. Boats can be anchored off in 5 – 10 meters with a line ashore or pushed off if it is not packed.

It is an attractive cove but it is subject to strong gusts. Anchor in 2 – 5 m. The bottom is sand and weed and there could be a problem with holding, so take a line ashore. Alternatively, pick up a laid mooring on one of the three restaurant pontoons. With an onshore southerly it is best to anchor off in the western cove, as big incoming waves make the restaurant pontoons very uncomfortable.

There are several anchorages in the bay. Çökertme provides adequate anchorage from southerlies. Slipways of the village are located here. Reefs extend out from the islet in the middle and the depths on the west of this islet are shallow to the coast. A stream goes into sea.

Village Quay
GPS : 37°00’18.2″N 27°47’29.2″E / 37.005054, 27.791449
A finger tip extends in the middle towards west. A quay and the floating pier of the village here afford the most adequate sheltering. There are laid moorings tailed on pier which provide berthing up to 30 boats. Water and electricty are available. A fee is charged. All the piers in the village are administrated by the village authority.

Boats go stern to piers there laid moorings tailed on. The depths are sufficient at the head of the piers. There are several piers along to shore infront of the restaurants, you can also go stern-to on these piers. Boats also can be pushed off. The bottom is sand. Good holding. Boats can also go up to the shores of the entry of the bay and drop anchor behind shallow area in 10-20 m and take a line ashore. This part is quite and ideal for those loving serenity.

The best place to anchor is in the western side of the cove with a line ashore to the west side or closer in with a line ashore to the beach.
There are a number of laid moorings which can be used if free.
The bottom is mud, sand and weed with poor holding in places.
In calm weather you can anchor off the hamlet though depths drop off quickly.

Water and electricity are available. Fuel can be obtained. Limited provisions can be found.

Çökertme beach side is on the eastern part where there are restaurants with piers. Staff will help you to tie up. There are laid moorings of restaurants tailed on piers. Southerlies send swell in.

Accommodation : Pensions, Hotels
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Fish Restaurants
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet, Wi-Fi
Health : Ören
Public Market : Wednesdays
Hair dresser
Shopping : Shops, Stores, Markets
Repairing & Maintenance Workshops (Milas, Bodrum)


Çökertme – Milas 52 km, Ören 17 km, Muğla 109 km
Minibus : Çökertme – Milas, Bodrum
Bus : Ören – Milas, Bodrum, Muğla
Airport : Milas-Bodrum International Airport

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Milas, Muğla Province, Turkey

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