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GPS : 37°21’02.0″N 27°12’31.7″E / 37.350546, 27.208814

Tekağaç Lighthouse
GPS : 37°21’13.8″N 27°11’32.1″E / 37.353834, 27.19223

Çukurcuk Limanı is placed on the north side of Güllük Bay, 0.8 Nm on east of Tekağaç Point. You can find three coves on the region. Keep in mind that the water is shallow and the seabed is reefy around Turna Burun. Stay away from the shore about 3 – 4 meters. Care is needed for the reefs and shoal water around Turna Burun. Keep clear about 3/4 Nm away from the shore.

Çukurcuk Limanı is layover port for those crusing north or southward. Çukurcuk Limanı is not surrounded by hills or mountains, it lies on flat landscape. Prevailing wind sends swell in. The bottom is sand. The bay provides shelter against northerly blowing winds, but open to southerlies.

Çukurcuk Limanı is at the northwest end of the Güllük Gulf. There are sections of the coves that are shut off from the winds. There are two anchorages here. The E and the W creeks. Clear water. Anchor in 2 – 4 m. Shelter is reasonably good from the prevailing northerlies, although a swell creeps round the corner.

You can find shelter for northern winds in the bay, but it is open to southern ones. On the west side of the port, it can be found a shelter from southern winds.

Anchorage is possible in the depth of 4 meters. Also you can drop your anchor in the middle of the cove in depth of 5 meters but the undercurrent may shelve ashore. In the cove on the east, you can also drop your anchor around 6 meters depth, but the bottom can be shallow.

On this side, you can find a summerhouse area. In the summerhouse area, there is a grocery shop and some provisional services can be holded in here. Çukurcuk Limanı expresses flat geographical form, there is not hills or mountains in the region so wind can send swell in. The seabed is sand. You can see the treatment plants of Didim Town.

The cove in E is shallow and in the end of the cove there is a summerhouses complex. Boats can be also anchored in the depth of 6 meters in the cove on E, but the bottom also comes up shallow. A summer residential site is located on this part. There is a grocery shop within summer site zone, some provisions can be found here.

The small cove in the W has been closed by a fish farm. Boats anchor in the centre of the cove. The environment is peaceful and beautiful. The cove on the W provides safe sheltering from southerlies. You can drop your anchor in the depth of 4 meters. You can be also anchored in the depth of 5 meters in the cove in the middle, but the depths gently shelve ashore.

Tekağaç Lighthouse
GPS : 37°21’13.8″N 27°11’32.1″E / 37.353834, 27.19223
Those who take a walk to the lighthouse on the point will be able to see ancient mosaics that are partly covered by soil. After five kilometers the road from the cove meets the main road. From there onwards a tour to Didim, Milet and the ancient city of Priene is an option.

Didim Town purification units can be easliy recognized. Regular transport services are available to Didim (6 km).

Çukurcuk Limanı is a stopover spot for those cruising north or southernly and it is a popular place for esplanade especially on weekends as inhabitants from Didim can visit for swimming.

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Didim, Aydın Province, Turkey

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