Hisarönü, Marmaris – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°41’30.2″N 27°58’51.5″E / 36.691718, 27.980973

Dirsek Bükü (Ağıl Bükü) is an isolated area along the coast of Turkey. There is no road access. To access this spot, you must sail into the bay. It is about an hour’s sail south from Orhaniye. Dirsek Bükü is a timeless place to anchor and stay overnight. It’s a place that preserves your energy if not replenishes it. The peace, the quiet, the breathtaking scenery and clear waters is ultimately alluring.

Dirsek Bükü lies on the south of the point; Ağıl Burnu. It indents to the west and makes L shape. This bay provides the best sheltering among the coves on the SW coast of Hisarönü Bay. It gets swell penetration from the strong northerlies. The bottom is sand. Good holding.

A pristine unspoiled anchorage with a fine taverna in the SW corner. There is a tiny, local restaurant with a stone pier along the shorefront to tie up, stern in.

GPS : 36°41’00.1″N 27°58’40.1″E / 36.683359, 27.977806
There is a cozy restaurant with a quay. Berthing capacity is up to 14 boats. There are laid moorings tailed on quay. Boats go stern on quay. Laid moorings on your starboard also belong to the restaurant. There are floating moorings by the quay.

Boats can be pushed off or anchored with a line ashore. You can pick up and get a line ashore. Fishing boats berth on the southern part of the bay.

The restaurant provides good food and service under attractive settings. The water is so clear to recognize the bottom. Dirsek Bükü is one the enchanted places in Hisarönü, the prevailing wind has a welcome cooling effect in summer.

A wonderful bay with crystal clear waters and lots of mooring options. You can drop an anchor and take a shoreline to the beach for a totally chilled out evening, pick up a mooring buoy and row ashore for dinner or moor on the pretty restaurant jetty. Whichever one you choose you will have a peaceful and relaxing evening. It is an excellent bay for swimming and snorkelling. Toilets are available and a basic shower. You will be able to purchase freshly baked bread from the restaurant in the morning.

Quay Facilities
Toilet & basic shower
T-Shirt Shop

Lazy lines on jetty
Mooring buoys

Places of interest

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