Mordoğan, Karaburun – İzmir – Turkey

GPS : 38°27’48.5″N 26°35’48.7″E / 38.463461, 26.596855

Engeceli Limanı is on the west of Karaburun Peninsula and northwest of Gülbahçe Bay, it lies between points; Kumburnu and Engeceli Burun. It is a large anchorage that provides all round shelter. There are three coves for adequate anchorage.

GPS : 38°28’03.1″N 26°37’11.0″E / 38.467525, 26.619727
The cove between points ‘’Kumburnu’’ and ‘’Dalyan Burnu’’, known as Manal Koyu amongst the locals, ends in a shingle beach. This cove is open to south but, affords good shelter from northerlies. The bottom is sand. Boats drop anchor in 3 – 4 meters.

GPS : 38°28’09.4″N 26°35’58.2″E / 38.469271, 26.599499
The coves on the west are separated by a finger point. They are known as ‘’Körfez Koyu’’ and ‘’Gerence Koyu’’. Both coves indent to the west. The depth in Körfez Koyu quickly decreases. Both coves afford all round shelter. The bottom is sand and there is good holding. The settings are attractive.

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Mordoğan, Mordoğan Mahallesi, 35970 Karaburun/İzmir, Turkey

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