Uzunyurt, Fethiye – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°33’29.8″N 29°03’36.9″E / 36.558268, 29.060254

It is a small oval bay on the opposite of west end of Gemiler Island and on the coast of land. Depth until 15 – 20 meter distance to the coast is 8 meters; then, it reaches rock debris under water being shallow rapidly. Caution should be paid.

You can anchor on the coast opening at 10 meters; or, you can pull alongside to the coast on west corner used by fishing vessels. There is cafE, bar and restaurant on the coast. A small makeshift restaurant stands in the bay for the summer sailors.

Gemiler Bükü is a small sandy cove about half a mile west and north of Gemiler Adası. There is very little room in here to anchor, since the bay is buoyed off for swimming and the best anchorage, on the SW side with a line ashore, is usually occupied by fishing boats and gulets. A lunch stop only, assuming you can get in.

Delikli Burun ends in a round hole-the rock appears to be a hoop. Gemiler Bay lies NW of Gemiler Adası. The bottom is sand. You can be pushed off or anchor in 6-9 m with a line ashore. The shoreline behind the beach is wooded in olive trees. The beach and the hillsides get very crowded in summer, people come here by land. The anchorages are crowded with powerboats, they constantly churn in and out of bay.

The prettiest anchorage on the north of Gemiler Island. There are good depths along the shoreline accross the island. The bottom is weed-sand-rock. You can anchor drop anchor and take a line ashore. Care is needed when dropping the hook. Ease your chain line as much as possible. To rig a trip line on your anchor will be safe and it will make it mush easier to raise.
The shoreline is wooded in olive trees.

A rough 5,5 km path leads to Kayaköy. From there you can reach Fethiye by two alternatives, one road is 15 km and the other one is 20 km. There are regular transport facilities available.

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Uzunyurt, Uzunyurt Mahallesi, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla, Turkey

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