Göltürkbükü, Bodrum – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 37°07’43.0″N 27°22’44.7″E / 37.128619, 27.379084

VHF Channel : 16 / 69
Call Sign : ” golturkbuku harbour ”

Türkbükü is a coastal town in Muğla Province in southwestern Turkey, located on the opposite side of the Bodrum peninsula from the town of Bodrum. Türkbükü has a well protected harbor ringed with high hills containing a number of luxury hotels and holiday villas. The town is a favorite vacation spot and second home residency of upper-class Turks and although less well visited by Western European tourists compared to Bodrum, also increasingly popular with foreign visitors.

The protected harbor is a refuge for yachts and allows for swimming in swimming pool like conditions in the morning before the afternoon breeze comes in. Midway along the peninsula’s north shore, nestled in a huge bay are the two quaint villages of Türkbükü and Gölköy. Today’s Göltürkbükü is the favorite summer holiday venue for many well-off and well-known Turks. Here is where the day and night colours of Göltürkbükü change, a place where enjoyable and unforgettable moments are experienced.

With their recent amalgamation into a single municipality the former villages of Türkbükü and Gölköy are now often referred to as Göltürkbükü. Located on the site of ancient Caryanda, the home Scylax, a pioneer navigator who explored the coast of the western Indian Ocean in the 6th century B.C.

To the south of Türkbükü Bay, there is a small fisherman’s shelter. Next to the shelter is a small slip place and a boatyard. There are fish farms to both sides of the deep passage between the Big and Small Islands and the land to the north of the Türkbükü Bay. Floats of them emerge towards the middle, so be careful.

Göltürkbükü – Bodrum center 19 km, Milas – Bodrum International Airport 45 km.


Capacity : 55 boats

Outer Breakwater : 143 m

Depth : 3 – 4 m at breakwater side and the shore side is shallow

The wide and big bay is surrounded by Gölköy on the south and Türkbükü on the west. Both of them are tourist locations of the peninsula. Gölköy shore receives meltem, an offshore summer breeze. But if you anchor below the cape on the west and threw howser to the shore, you will stay secluded. It is the port to the Southern weathers.

This is a large bay between points of Kesire and Saplı Burun. The eastern part “Göltürkbükü” is open to breeze. This part is fair- wheather anchorage. Drop your anchor in 6 – 10 meters. The western side by the point affords better shelter with a line ashore.

There are two islets by the western side.The depths between these islets are deep. The shore side of the channel which ends by Küçük Ada is more convenient anchorage with a line ashore. This part relatively quite and comfortable at night. The bottom is weed and deep. Make sure your anchor is well dug in.

In front of Türkbükü you can anchor between 12 – 18 m. The deep is mossy. About the center of the bay, a body of water leftover inundation of which the front is shallow reaches the sea. In front of the houses to the north of the bay the depth goes down to 5 – 6 m and the sea floor is sand. In front of the quays of some restaurants small boats can anchor at the stern.

Marina Services
Drinking Water
Fuel available by tanker truck at the marina. Fuel also available from a lighter that comes through the harbour.

Administration : Göl Gökçebel-Türkbükü Fishery Products Cooperative

Health : Health Center, Doctor, Pharmacy, Dentist, First Aid
Accommodation : Hotels, Motels, Rental House
Entertainment : Discotheques, Bars, Beach Clubs
Transport : Taxi, Minibus, Rent-a-car
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes
Communication : Phone, Internet
Swimming : Sandy beaches
Shopping : Weekly Market, Shops, Stores, Markets, Fish Market
Repairing & Maintenance Workshops, Boatyard

Several seafront restaurants available for fish and other foods.


Museum of Historical Figures and Models
This museum consisting of the collection of “Architect Emre Kunt” is located at his home in Türkbükü. It can be visited by anyone by making a reservation.

Every beach front establishment have a pier for sun bathing during the day and for elegant dining during the evenings. The visitor has a very wide range of hotels to choose from since modest accommodations are available as well some of the most exclusive and luxurious.

Citrus, fruits, especially satsuma are gowned in the environs. Besides these, olive, almond, and fruit gowned. It was famous for the production of wine and viniculture. The biggest property of Gölköy is its palm trees.

The mythological name of Gölköy is Carianda. Göltürkbükü Town, took place in the northern part of peninsula, in Bodrum. It is restricted by Aegean Sea (Mandalya Gulf) in the north an east, Gündoğan Town in its west and Torba in its south-east part. The eastern and southern parts of Gölköy is the only forest area of the peninsula. Other environs are occupied with bushes.

The Gölköy end of the large bay is quiet and restrained, while Türkbükü caters to the more flamboyant. The shore of the latter is lined with numerous restaurants, many with their own jetties which are used for sunbathing in daytime and with tables and chairs replacing sunbeds and towels, for dining at night. Watching the splendid full moon rise from behind the mountains across the bay is almost a religious rite here.

Further on, at the foot of the bay, the village of Gölköy occupies a verdant green valley fronted by a long sandy beach with small pensions and restaurants. The delights of Gölköy are many, but perhaps foremost among them is the ability, to enjoy the quiet native atmosphere of fishermen, farmers and tradesmen going about their daily tasks with little concern for the noise and hustle and bustle of modern life.

Safely tucked in the surrounding hillsides on the west side of the bay and sheltered by two islands the village of Türkbükü is a natural haven for area fishermen, who still operate from the many wooden jetties along the beachfront. Just outside the bay are popular fishing grounds for Dil (Sole).

The wide port, on the southern side of the Bay of Güllük, between the Cape Mesire and the Cape Saplı is the port of Türkbükü. Here, Badem Island and another small island at its south are situated. The region is considerably naked, it becomes steppe toward the northeast. Badem Island and the small island protect the anchoring place against the northeastern winds. Inside the port, two recessions that are encircled by beaches are located.

Minibus : Göltürkbükü – Bodrum
Ferryboat : Bodrum – Cos, Datça, İstanbul, Turgutreis – Cos
Seabus : Bodrum – Rhodes, Marmaris, Cleopatra Island
Bus : Bodrum – Milas, Muğla, Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Adana, Bursa, Konya
Airport : Milas-Bodrum International Airport

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Göltürkbükü, Göltürkbükü Mahallesi, Bodrum/Muğla Province, Turkey

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