Datça – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°45’18.7″N 27°57’24.7″E / 36.755191, 27.956862

A number of coves lying between Bozan and Dil Burnu are called as Gönlücek. These coves are ideal for those loving serenity. The cove on the east is called as Karaali Koyu, it gets swell penetration from breeze.

The beach side of the shore is covered by pine trees, the depths gently shelve ashore. Yachts can anchor off in the depths of 5 – 6 m. This bay is a nice spot for swimming breaks.

Anchorage is not recommended at night. The creeks on the west afford adequate shelter, but care is needed for the reefs extending out from the tip of the points. There is water source in the creek at the entry, local fishing boats are anchored here.

You can anchor in the middle and get a line ashore. There are considerable depths in the middle. The slopes are bare, a few date palms are around. Gönlücek is a desolated bay, it can’t be accessible by land.

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Datça, İskele Mahallesi, 48900 Datça/Muğla, Turkey

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