Edremit – Balıkesir – Turkey

GPS : 39°35’03.4″N 26°52’47.7″E / 39.584279, 26.879929
Güre is a town and summer resort in the Edremit district of Balıkesir Province in western Turkey. It is located 12 km west of Edremit, at the northern coast of Edremit Bay and on Mount Ida (Turkish: Kazdağları) hills.

“Sarıkız Fest” is the traditional festival in the town, which is organized by the municipality between August 24 and August 26 of every year.

Güre is famous with its hot springs since the ancient times. The village is worth seeing with its historical streets and houses, old fountains running ice-cold fresh water and a mosque dating back to 1880 in addition to a Roman spa which still serves to health tourism today with rooms with private baths and therapeutic hot springs up to 64 ˚C temperature.

Capacity : 200 Boats

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Edremit/Balıkesir Province, Turkey

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