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GPS : 36°38’31.4″N 28°51’21.0″E / 36.642054, 28.855825

Batık Hamam (Hamam Bay, Ruin Bay) is the classical stop of all gulet yachts and daily trip boats. This is the bay that no blue voyage yachts or daily tripper boats will pass without anchoring. The sailors like to spend their nights here. Daily tripper boats prefer to serve lunch to their customers in this bay.

At the bottom of the sea, where the ruins are, before the wind starts very early in the morning, you can see the sands at the bottom are still a bit moving. The eastern shore is deep. Boats anchor in 20 m and take a line ashore. The western side is the best to be tucked up. The settings are very attractive.

Ruin Bay is situated in the next bay to the west from Twenty-two Fathom Cove, in the SE corner. Pass outside the two islets en route. There is a reef extending some 40 – 50 metres NW from the second islet. The ruined buildings from which the cove takes its name extend right down to the shore and even into the sea in places. Anchor in 15 – 20 metres and take a line ashore to one of the bollards. The bottom is sand and mud and good holding. The cove is only open N but the fetch is not enough to be troublesome.

Cleopatra’s Baths, (actually The bay of Cleopatra’s Baths), is a large bay full of lots of pine trees, and has a dark blue sea which goes to light blue, as you reach the shore. In the south – western part of the bay, there are some ruins which came down because of the earthquakes in Fethiye. According to the myth, in one of the visits of Cleopatra to Anatolian coasts, her close friends decided to build a Roman Bath for Cleopatra as a present.

Because, they found a hot water spring in this part of the bay. The water here was very good for the skin, with the minerals and elements it contained like Calcium, Magnesium, etc. Some say that the mystery which lies behind the beauty of Cleopatra is the water here. (however, it may be true..) The water here, was coming from a crater lake (dry now) which was behind the mountain you see at the northern side of the bay. Even today, if you look. This means that there is still a bit amount of hot water coming out today. If you want to try your chance to be as beautiful as Cleopatra and to look 10 years younger, you are allowed to swim around and in the ruins.

Right next to the marina, there are wall fragments of a Byzantine monastery. A demolished bath lends a special atmosphere to this cove. According to legend, it was built by the ruler of the ancient settlements on the slope. On the island you can take a pleasant stroll through the woods or along the shore. A nice excursion will be climbing to Mountain Yavansu where you can see the ruins of the ancient city of Lydia. According to the legend, in Batık Hamam Cleopatra can walk up to the waist in the water on muddy rocks.

Anchorage pine right down to the edge of the water. The monastery ruins are half submerged. This is also known as Ruin Bay. A 45 minute hike takes you to ancient Lydae. Off the beaten path and rarely visited, Lydae features Sarcophagi, Temple Walls, Cisterns, Corinthian columns and inscribed tablets from the Roman and Byzantine periods. Cleopatra, by the way, was here twice, once with Julius Caesar and once with Marc Antony.

You will see a monastery next to the pontoon some of which is under water. You can walk in the pine forest along the shore. There are several restaurants with wooden pergolas on the shore serving the yachts.

If you feel up to it you can take a half an hour walk from Hamam Bay to the hill where you will see the ancient city of Lydae. You can also reach here from Yavansu Bay. If you climb the hill, you can see Port Gökgemile and open sea. Do not forget to climb before sunset.

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