Akliman, Sinop – Turkey

GPS : 42°03’42.2″N 35°02’36.9″E / 42.061716, 35.043576

İnceburun Lighthouse
GPS : 42°05’49.2″N 34°56’42.0″E / 42.097004, 34.945009
Focal Plane : 26 m ( 85 ft ), Tower Height : 12 m ( 39 ft )
Character : W.Gp.FL.(4) 20.0 Second (four white flashes every 20 second), Flashing Character : 3 (0.5+2.0) +0.5+12.0
Visibility Range : 9 nautical miles

Akliman Lighthouse
GPS : 42°03’08.2″N 35°02’52.9″E / 42.052267, 35.048021
Focal Plane : 20 m, Tower Height : 5 m
Character : R.FL.5.0 Second, Flashing Character : 0.5+4.5
Visibility Range : 6 nautical miles

Hamsilos is an attractive cove on the Sinop Penninsula. It is a real cove, one of the three in the whole S shore of the Black Sea. The water in the cove is somewhat clearer than at the other places we had been in the Black Sea, but still murky. The cove is surrounded by green hills with pine trees. The place, other than its water, would have been idyllic were it not for a road which brings cars with picnickers.

Sinop’s most impressive natural beauty can be explored at this natural inlet a few miles west of the city. Considered a fjord by locals, the bay still offers protection to fishermen during storms but is sometimes more populated with hikers, who enjoy the abundant flora, views of sea, and cool dips in the water. Anchor anywhere.

Hamsilos Fjord, 11 kilometers from the city center is the only fjord in the Turkey like a Norwegian Fjord. This Fjord is a long, narrow estuary with steep sides, made when a glacial valley is flooded by the sea.

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