Biga – Çanakkale – Turkey

İnceburun Lighthouse
GPS : 40°28’19.3″N 27°17’08.8″E / 40.472040, 27.285788
Focal Plane : 54 m ( 177 ft ), Tower Height : 11 m ( 36 ft )
Character : W.FI.(2) 5.0 Second (two white flashes every 5 sesond), Flashing Character : 0.5+2.0+0.5+7.0
Visibility Range : 10 nautical miles

Karabiga Lighthouse
GPS : 40°24’39.6″N 27°20’00.7″E / 40.410996, 27.333539
Focal Plane : 23 m, Tower Height : 8 m
Character : W. FI. 5.0 Second, Flashing Character : 0.5+4.5
Visibility Range : 10 nautical miles

GPS : 40°24’04.3″N 27°18’28.7″E / 40.401190, 27.307961

VHF Channel : 16
Call Sign : ” karabiga shelter ”

Main Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 40°24’04.7″N 27°18’33.5″E / 40.401317, 27.309308
Focal Plane : 7 m, Tower Height : 3 m
Character : R. Fix, Flashing Character : –
Visibility Range : 5 nautical miles

Inner Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 40°23’58.5″N 27°18’20.3″E / 40.399580, 27.305627
Focal Plane : 20 m ( 66 ft ), Tower Height : 10 m ( 33 ft )
Character : R. Fl. (2) 10.0 Second, Flashing Character : 0,5+2,0+0,5+7,0
Visibility Range : 12 nautical miles

Quay Lighthouse
GPS : 40°24’04.9″N 27°18’23.8″E / 40.401355, 27.306605
Karabiga is a town in Biga District, Çanakkale Province, in the Marmara region of Turkey. It is located at the mouth of the Biga River, on a small east-facing bay, known as Karabiga Bay.
Karabiga Harbour is located in the Western corner of the Gulf of Erdek, on the Southern shore of the Sea of Marmara – basically opposite Marmara Adası, and is a fishing harbour able to accommodate small coasters.

The commercial harbour of Karabiga lies at the western end of the gulf of Erdek in the Sea of Marmara in Turkey. In addition to a busy fishing fleet, the harbour is also used by bulk tankers loading coal and aggregates from its long quays and a regular ferry service. Karabiga makes no concessions to yachts at all, and visitors here need to fit in where they can amongst the coastal freighters, fishing boats and ferries. However, it is a useful port of call for an overnight stop en route from the Dardanelles eastwards along the Sea of Marmara.

Karabiga is a settlement with many summer houses based around a fairly wide cove. Strabo mentions that the area produced fine wine and that the God Priapus gave the town its ancient name. Thucydides mentions the town as a naval station. In 334 BC, the town surrendered to Alexander the Great without contest, prior to the Battle of Granicus. Under the Eastern Roman Empire, the town was known as Pegae and was the site of a Byzantine fortress.


Approach and Navigation
The headland of Kale Burun two miles NE of Karabiga is easily identified from the row of ruined mediaeval towers along the neck of the peninsula. The headland should be given a clearance of at least half a mile in the approach from W and N as there are dangerous reefs off it.

Once round the headland, the long breakwater of Karabiga harbour will be clearly seen. Two white towers with port and starboard lights on them identify the entrance. The harbour is entered from ESE. Depths in the entrance are 6 – 7 metres and at the quays from 3 to 5 metres.

Berthing Options
Yachts normally moor stern-to the outside of the quay of the fishing harbour, directly opposite the entrance, although it is lined with heavy black tyres and the mooring rings are difficult to locate (especially since the fishermen pile their nets on top of them).

Shelter here is, however, only moderate and an unpleasant swell rolls in with even moderate E or NE winds. Better shelter can be found alongside the commercial quay at the northern end of the harbour, but you must be prepared to move off at short notice if a ship is due to berth there.

Berth alongside, or stern-to at the south end of the coal loading quay. The inner (fishing) basin is usually too crowded. It is also fairly shallow. The harbour gives good protection from the prevailing winds, which usually do not blow very strongly here.

It is just about possible to anchor in 5 – 6 metres under the harbour breakwater, clear of the 2-3 small mooring buoys there, but the position feels very exposed and may obstruct big ship movements. A better option is in the cove a mile NE of the harbour, in the small bay under the mediaeval ruins, where shelter is good from the prevailing N/NE winds.

Another option is to anchor in the NE corner of the harbour and where the breakwater provides shelter from the prevailing wind. This might be a better option if coal is being loaded at the quay. It is also possible to anchor in the bay, NE of the harbour, where there is good holding in mud and sand.

Capacity : 150 boat

Outer Breakwater : 320 m

Draught max : 4 m
Length max : 5 m

Drinkable water
Fish Market
Net Repairing Platform
Net Repairing Area
Frigorific Warehouse

Administration : Karabiga Municipality

Shopping : Markets, Shops, Stores
Accommodation : Hotels, Motels, Pensions, Rental Houses
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries
Health : Health Center, Pharmacy, Doctor
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet
Hair dresser
Beach : Kocakum Beach
Special Shopping : Olives, Olive Oils

As it is positioned at the crossing point between Marmara and the Aegean, according to the season you can get several fresh fishes. You can sample fish in the village. There are a few fish restaurants in the village.


After passing the summer houses around the cove the remains of the ancient city of Priapos with its inspiring high walls can be found situated on a headland. These grand walls, some of which are still in a good condition, stretch as far as the other end of the headland. This was a colony built by the peoples of Abydos and Miletos. The Battle of Granicos, the first in a series of clashes against the Persians in Alexander the Great’s eastern expedition, was fought here is 334 BC. This region came under Ottoman rule in 1364. The walls of the city are in the Byzantine style for which the city should be studied for its defence and wall building techniques.

Bus : Karabiga – Çanakkale, Bandırma, Lapseki
Minibus : Karabiga – Biga
Airport : Çanakkale Airport, Balıkesir Körfez Airport, Balıkesir Central Airport, İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport, Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, Atatürk International Airport

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Biga, 17200 Biga/Çanakkale, Turkey

Services at berth:




Floating dock
Travel lift
Winter storage


Special service:

Gas & Diesel station
Gas filling
Ship store
Oil recycling
Lounge ramp



Yacht club
Rest room
Swimming pool
Transport Rent
Activities & sports
Fitness & spa
Medicine help

Charter offices