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Sarpıncık Lighthouse
GPS : 38°39’30.6″N 26°21’45.8″E / 38.658506, 26.362719
Focal Plane : 97 mt (318 ft), Tower Height : 13 mt (46 ft)
Character : W.FI. (4) 20.0 Second, Flashing Character : 3 (0.5+2.0)+0.5+12.0
Visibility Range : 12 nautical miles

GPS : 38°38’52.0″N 26°30’55.6″E / 38.647779, 26.515442

VHF Channels : 16
Call Sign : ” karaburun marina ”

Karaburun is a district and the center town of the same district in Turkey’s İzmir Province. The district area roughly corresponds to the peninsula of the same name (Karaburun Peninsula) which spears north of the internationally famous tourism resorts of neighboring Çeşme and its dependencies.

Karaburun town is situated close to the northern tip of the peninsula and checks the entry of the Gulf of İzmir with the town of Foça, another important tourism resort, across the waters. The district’s administrative zone is bordered by the districts of Çeşme and Urla in its south and faces the Greek island of Chios to its west.


The shelter on the northeast of Karaburun Peninsula, behind Büyükada has limited space for berthing. There are sufficient depths at the entrance but it shelves ashore. Local boats occupy the inlet. Maneuvering is limited for long keel boats. Boats can anchor inside.

Capacity : 65 Boats

Outer Breakwater : 115 m
Inner Breakwater : 12,5 m

Marina Facilities
Drinkable Water
Fuel can be obtained by a tanker truck.
Fish Market

Administration : Karaburun Main Fishery Products Cooperative

Health : Hospital, Health Center, Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacies, First Aid 24 hours
Accommodation : Hotels, Motels, Pensions, Rental Houses
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries
Bank : City center
Hair dresser : City center
Beach : 4 Natural Sandy Beaches, 2 beaches with Blue Flag, Pebbled seashores
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet
Shopping : Stores, Shops, Markets
Bank, ATM
Entertainment : Tea Gardens
Special Shopping : Goat Cheese, Artichokes, Olives, Olive Oils, Grapes, Honey, Mandarin, Almond, Narcissus, Hyacinth
Public Market : Takes place on Wednesdays.
Diving : Attractive Diving Spots, Diving Schools

If you want to eat fish, you should try one of the fish restaurants (Balık Restaurant) located in “İskele”, the little port of Karaburun where you will find restaurants. You can also eat at some hotels. In Karaburun, you can eat most fresh and delicious fish and other sea products. But a real Karaburun special is the tasty lesser gray mullet (ask for “Kefal” in Turkish).


There were settlements in this area which date back to the Stone Age, and excavations have indicated it was a developed cultural centre during the Hittite period, then a trading centre during the Aiol, Lydia and Roman civilisations.

The oldest name known for the region was Mimas, in reference to the son of Gaia who was one of the Giants slain by Hephaistos during the war between Gods and Giants in Greek mythology. Homer mentions the “windy Mimas” mountain (present-day Bozdağ) in his Odyssey. The Mimas mountain is also associated with Iris, Leto and Narcissus. In Ionian through to Byzantine times, the region also carried the names Stelar or Stylarius, Caleberno by the Genoese and Ahırlı during the Ottoman era.

There are different possibilities for the name Karaburun. One that is mentioned in the municipality web site is that it would be a modified form of Caleberno. Another possibility may have to do with the very translation of the Turkish name, which means “black cape”, a fitting description especially for sailors who approach Karaburun Peninsula from open sea. The region is rich in history although its only sizeable urban center from ancient Greek, Byzantine through to Ottoman times was in Erythrai.

Today the village of Ildırı stands in the ancient town’s location and the village depends Çeşme. Traces of smaller settlements can also be traced back to the Bronze Age.

Karaburun : İzmir center 100 km (approximately 60 miles), Çeşme 46 km
Ferryboat : Karaburun – Foça 50 mins
Seabus : Karaburun – Üçkuyular (İzmir) 1 hour 15 mins
Bus : Karaburun – İzmir
Minibus : Karaburun – Saipköy, Mordoğan
Airport : İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

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Karaburun, İzmir, Turkey

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