Karacaören, Fethiye – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°32’28.6″N 29°03’07.0″E / 36.541280, 29.051941

İblis (Dökükbaşı) Burnu Lighthouse
Fl (2) 5s 23m 7M
GPS : 36°32’40.0″N 29°00’40.1″E / 36.544430, 29.011128

Bay is located 2.25 Nm east of Dökükbaşı Burun. There is a large restaurant set on the north side of the bay, built 20 feet above the waters edge, on stilts with a long veranda style seating area giving magnificent views to the east towards Ölü Deniz and the enormous mountain of Baba Dağ thrusting up 1,969 metres. You can witness some stunning colours reflecting off the mountains steep scree sides when the evening sun sets giving a number of different golden sheens.

This bay lies on W of Karacaören Island where numerous Byzantine ruins are seen on the island. There are sea-level rocks and reefs in the passage. The passage between these rocks and Karacaören Island is free of obstruction. Keep close to the island side.

A boardwalk climbs the hill. Tremendous view overlooking the bay. Prevailing winds have little effect in the bay and swell from the southerlies is relatively light. Drop your anchor in 10 – 15 m to the sandy bottom and take a line ashore. The water is clear and there is a restaurant with a quay where moorings are tailed on quay.

When you are ready for a meal at the restaurant you can either dinghy ashore or call the restaurant dinghy to come and collect you. The restaurant has toilets and showers for you to use.
The food is delightful and their salads accompanying the main meal and meze are delicious. You may find the owner will serenade you during your meal with his violin. Freshly baked bread is available in the morning before you move on. The restaurant also has its own day tripper boat and a number of water sport toys you can sample if you so wish.

Anchor in 6 – 10 metres (20 – 33 feet) in the west side of the bay, with a line ashore, or on the north side with a line ashore to a rough stone quay. There are insufficient depths to go right up to the quay. The bottom is thick weed over sand, with some rocks, and the holding can be unreliable.

The restaurant has laid 24 moorings in a crescent around the north side of the cove. Since the moorings are close together, it is necessary to take a line ashore (which the restaurant staff will do for you on arrival). In addition, there are three mooring buoys further out where yachts may swing. Anchoring is also possible in 14 – 16 metres further out in the cove, although the shelter is less good here and you will get some swell with any wind.

Some yachts also anchor on the south side and take a line ashore to the rocks – although the bottom is sand and weed with many rocks and not the best holding. Obviously, if you use the restaurant moorings, you are expected to eat in the restaurant.

The restaurant has laid several mooring buoys which have 1.5 litre water bottles marking their positions. You can pick any of these buoys and you will find a loop tied into the end with which to slip over your cleat. Most of the time a restaurant member of staff, in a dinghy, will guide you to one of these moorings and hand It to you. It is advisable that you take a line ashore, but more often than not the lad in the dinghy will take the line ashore for you.

A slight swell will works its way round the headland and back into the bay which can be a little uncomfortable. So if you are there early enough then try and select one of the mooring buoys located in the west to south south west corner and take a line ashore to be in line with any slight swell.

Karacaören is probably the most secure anchorage in the area of Ölü Deniz. Sheltered from the prevailing winds by an archipelago of rocky islets and reefs, the small cove has been developed by the Karacaören Restaurant on the northern shore into a regular yacht stop-off en route between Kalkan and Fethiye.

There is a passage whose shallowest point is 10 meters between surface rocks of coral reef and island on which there is much reminiscent. Bay on the opposite of the islands is anchoring place that is sheltered very well. Depths are not appropriate for approaching the port. There is an open restaurant on the coast. Strengthening place of this restaurant can be also used. It is picturesque bay with its ruins from Medieval Ages among the scrubs.

Snorkelling – Scuba diving Facilities
Once you are moored up you can enjoy swimming or snorkelling in crystal clear blue waters and watch an abundance of fish around the bay. The crystal clear waters of the bay and the fascinating marine life around the reef make Karacaören a favoured destination for snorkelers and scuba divers alike.

Nearby, visit the beautiful land-locked bay of Ölü Deniz with its sandy beaches, bars and cafes.

Karacaören Adası
GPS : 36°32’25.7″N 29°03’33.3″E / 36.540464, 29.059238

There is a small island to the east Karacaören Adası, which has numerous ancient ruins strewn over it, helping to protect the east to north east facing bay. To the south are a cluster of island reefs which also help to protect Karacaören. It is best to approach by passing Karacaören Adası to the east.

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Karacaören, Karacaören Mahallesi, 48300 Fethiye/Muğla, Turkey

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