Küçükkuyu, Ayvacık – Çanakkale – Turkey

GPS : 39°32’36.8″N 26°36’21.7″E / 39.543556, 26.606039

VHF Channels : 16
Call Sign : ” kucukkuyu marina ”

Main Breakwater Lighthouse
F R 13m 3M
GPS : 39°32’38.4″N 26°36’17.8″E / 39.543998, 26.604940

Inner Breakwater Lighthouse
F G 9m 3M
GPS : 39°32’36.6″N 26°36’25.9″E / 39.543488, 26.607197
Küçükkuyu is a seaside Village of Ayvacık district of Çanakkale Province situated on the north coast of the Edremit Bay. The main livelihood source of the village are olive groves and fishing. Oxygen in the air for the world as one of the richest areas of our town on the shore of the sea cold water supply is boiling inside and sea temperature is therefore low. There are tea gardens and restaurants along the beach.


Küçükkuyu Shelter is on the north of Gulf Edremit, 1 mile away from the east part of Point Servili. This port is the safest port in Gulf Edremit, providing all – round shelter. Küçükkuyu Port is a safe place to leave the boat and stroll around.

Harbor in the south-east direction, extending from north to south, extending a long and short breakwater shall be protected by a breakwater. Although completely closed to the south of the northern air is affected by weather and takes lightly.

Yachts can anchor and stern – to the quay. Breakwater wharf at the edges have been made, large breakwater to be accepted given stern seat. Dock in front of the town hall on the shore of the city is empty, or if you find you can be alongside the beach can stay at a given seat. There is a large slipway where the beach breakwaters combined with wharf. A quay on shore has a coast guard pier.

Capacity : 220 Boats

Outer Breakwater : 450 m
Inner Breakwater : 175 m

Depth : 4.5 m

Marina Services
Supply and refueling needs of the town facilities are in a position to provide
Electricity connections provided
Drinkable Water connections provided
Fuel can be obtained from tanker truck
Fish Market
Some mechanical works can be carried out.

Administration : Küçükkuyu Fishery Products Cooperative

Accommodation : Hotels, Motels, Pensions, Rental Houses, Apart Hotels
Entertainment : Discotheques, Bars, Cafes
Dining : Restaurants, Buffets, Cafes, Fish Restaurants, Teahouses
Shopping : Stores, Markets, Shops
Health : Health Center, Pharmacy, Doctors, Hospital (Ayvacık)
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet
Beach : Clean and deep water
Public Market : Fridays
Hair dresser : Town center
Special Shopping : Olive, Olive Oil, Handmade Soap
Museum : Olive Oil Museum
Diving : Courses organized
Sailing : Courses organized


Küçükkuyu and surrounding is full of ruins of antiquity. According to legend, Zeus watched the battle of Troy from an altar near Küçükkuyu and Aphrodite discovered a source of healing water in Küçükkuyu. The present settlement was founded by Yörüks (nomadic Turkmens) and later Turkish refuges from Balkan countries also settled in Küçükkuyu.

Canyon National Park can be visited in the Şahindere.

Küçükkuyu – Altınoluk 10 km, Assos 20 km, Edremit Airport 40 km, Çanakkale Airport 120 km, Balıkesir 128 km, Çanakkale 90 km.
Minibus : Küçükkuyu – Altınoluk, Assos, Edremit
Bus : Küçükkuyu – Çanakkale, Edremit, Balıkesir
Airport : İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport, Edremit Airport, Çanakkale Airport

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Küçukkuyu, 17980 Küçükçetmi Köyü/Ayvacık/Çanakkale, Turkey

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