Marina di Fertilia

Lungomare Rovigno, 07040 Fertilia (Alghero), Italy

VHF: 16

GPS: 40°35’31.4″N 8°17’18.4″E / 40.592041, 8.288445

Marina di Fertilia is also known as Porto di Fertilia or Port Fertilia and it is located in the historic, coastal town of Alghero, on the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia. It can be found in the province of Sassari and it is also known as L’Alguer, S’Alighera or La Liera. Tourists who will reach this destination will have the opportunity to practise scuba diving in these amazing, ultramarine waters and discover a unique underwater world that is highly protected. Also, those who are passionate about history will be fascinated by Catalan influences, traditions and language that is uniquely spoken on this Italian land. Neo-classical facades, Renaissance, Gothic and Venetian architectural elements can be observed in this town’s structure. The Alghero cathedral is one of the main landmarks, as well as Palazzo Carcassona, the Church of St Francis and many more. These are incredible sights that are worth visiting during the stay on the Mediterranean shores.

A strategic point in the middle of nautical courses in the Mediterranean Sea, Marina di Fertilia is a marina situated inside the port of Fertilia, in the wonderful Gulf of Alghero.
More specifically, the port facility is situated between Calich basin and the anchorage of Alghero.
The marina offers 120 berths and a well-equipped shipyard for boat repairs and winterizing services.
Every berth is equipped with WiFi, water and electric charging columns.

Located on the north coast of Alghero Bay.
All facilities, laundry, WiFi, security, fuel (by can) close by, chandlery, provisions, post office, bank, internet, pharmacy. Boatyard and repairs.
Limited berthing afloat, but good storage ashore. Very good value for lift in/out, cleaning and 6 months winter storage. Mosquitoes could be a problem in the spring.

The Marina di Fertilia is located on the island of Sardinia (Italy). It is an ideal marina for medium size boats and has mooring for boats with a maximum length of 30.00 m and a maximum draught of 3.50 m. This port provides a variety of services: gas station, bank, restaurant, wifi, locker rooms, weather, laundry, pharmacy, boat hire, rent a car, supermarket, waste collection … This port allows its clients to work on the spliway or pull their boat into the water, as it has crane. In Fertilia we can enjoy wonderful scenery and some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Have so many conveniences available does not mean giving up the splendid scenery of the nature or experience an unforgettable sea in some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you decide to travel by sea or by land, it just takes a few minutes to be captured by the beauty of the most prestigious resorts in the north west of Sardinia. Our Marina is located in the Port of Fertilia located in the Gulf of Alghero.In the position at the heart of the Mediterranean sea routes make it a port of strategic importance thanks to the vicinity of ports and airports internazionali far 5 minutes from the international airport of Alghero – Riviera del Corallo, 30 minutes from Porto Torres, and 1 hour and 30 minutes from Olbia port and international airport Olbia Costa Smeralda Fertilia is perhaps, the only city of fascist period that has maintained the razionalist architettural in the past two decades, framed by lushgreenery and nature that recalls and celebrates the happy auspicious name. Located in the north-west of Sardinia, facing the Catalan-Aragonese Alghero.It’s easy to smell quiet and serenity sorrounded by georgeous scenario.


Drinking water
Fuel station
Weather forecasting
Dressing rooms
Rental of boats
Rent car
Waste collection
Ship market
Residual water collection
Bilge Collection
Service Station for ships

Places of interest

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Lungomare Rovigno, 07041 Fertilia SS, Italy

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