Marina Reggio Calabria

Via Candeloro, 89122 Reggio Calabria RC, Italy

VHF: 16, 09 (yacht harbour)

GPS: 38°07’38.1″N 15°39’00.1″E / 38.127240, 15.650035

Reggio Calabria is the main port of the Italian mainland in the Strait of Messina. It is bustling city, a little run down, but with a nice waterfront esplanade. In December 28, 1908 Reggio was devastated by an earthquake. In 1972 a local diver found of the coast of Riace two of the most spectacular Ancient Greek bronze statues. These are now the price of the Reggio Calabria’s Museum. Yachtsmen transiting the Straits of Messina find a convenient (if expensive) berth in the small yacht basin at the NE end of Reggio di Calabria commercial harbour.

The marina of Reggio Calabria is the only marina in the historic centre of the city, a few steps from the national archaeological museum of Reggio Calabria and along the sea coast, called the most beautiful kilometer of Italy.

There is only one suitable berthing place for yachts, a small basin at the NE corner of the large commercial harbor: the Yacht Harbour “marina”. The commercial port itself is very industrial and dirty and at times malodorous, but the yacht basin area is well cared for.
адрес: Via Nazionale Complesso Polidea II, 24 89066 – Pellaro Reggio Calabria
Номер телефона для базы: (+39) 0965.358.172

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Via Candeloro, 89122 Reggio Calabria RC, Italy

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