Marmaris – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°49’16.4″N 28°18’37.2″E / 36.821235, 28.310339

VHF Channel : 72
Call Sign : ” yacht marina ”

Marmaris is a town in Turkey, along the Mediterranean coast in the province of Muğla. Marmaris region belongs to the ancient city of Caria (3400 BC) and every place has the remnants of the ancient cities.

Marmaris Yacht Marina is located at one of the most attractive maritime parklands in Turkey, ideal for sailing and water sports. Marmaris Yacht Marina is 2 miles by boat and 8 km by car from the center of Marmaris. In addition to it’s impressive boat handling facilities the Marina boasts 24 hour security, an outdoor swimming pool, bar, restaurant serving both international and Turkish cuisine, library and laundry services.

Also Library & Laundry services included. Available Luxe Aparts to rent. Free transportation by ferry service between Marmaris and Yacht Marina. Fitness Center is open anytime of day. There are several companies specializing in marina services. Some of them Gino Yachting Technical Service, Anker Marina Technical Service, Mavi-mar, TMS, Demir Marine Technical Service etc. Also a Super-Market is available. Free wireless internet connection in your boat or yacht too.

Parking Capacity : At sea 650 yachts, at ground 1000 yachts.
Dry Dock Facilities : With our 1000 yachts capacity placing is only made by lifting.
Parking Service : 2 sea vehicles meets the boat out side of the artificial harbour and until the boat fastens they accompany.
Lift : There are 330 and 70 ton travel hoist and 50 tons boat mover. Our lift can take the boat from the sea without any damage and put the boat on needed location on side and take again boat for the bring down to sea by hydraulic system. Our lift is unique in Mediterranean sea.
On land secure winter storage : We have a harbor which has 1000 yachts capacity for encamping during winter.
Tracking – Throwing : We have two lift pool systems on sea dimensions are 50 m x 10.5 m and 40 m x 8 m. Boats are taking in the pool and fixed from four sides lift belts are located underwater by diver and boat taking on land or bring down.

24 Hours Security via CCTV, Wireless internet – Free of Charge, Laundry service, Private storage rooms, Firefight on land & sea, Radio communication on VHF 72, World Cuisine Restaurant, Wonderful nature view of Mediterranean Sea

Front Desk Reception & Information, Daily Marine Weather Forecast, Ship to Shore Communications VHF 72, Travel Reservation Services, Post & Courier, Internet Email & Fax, Airport transfer, Insurance Services, Car Rental, Customs Services, Short-Term Room Rental

Fresh Water, Electricity, Washrooms & Showers, Washrooms & Showers (including handicapped), Laundry Service, Public Phones (we have phone line. It’s available for international call and we have two independent telecom machine in our marina), Storage Lockers, Parking, Bank machine (ATM), Wireless Internet Access, Marina Radio Station (24 hours), Taxi, Minibus, Marina ferry to downtown Marmaris, Mini Cars for transportation of people & suitcases, Helicopter Pad

Restaurants & Bar (Roof Bar / Tent Bar & Restaurant / Pool Side Bar – Our catering service is at your disposal at summer, while having your drinks at our wooden decorated bar you can enjoy the beautiful landscape view. All guests well come even out of the marina), Swimming pool & children’s wading pool (we have 3 swimming pools which yacht owners; adults and children can use), Children’s play garden, Fitness Center, Sauna, Hot bath tub, Volleyball Court, Billiards Tables, Parks & Trails, Library (wireless internet access available), Barber – Hairdresser, Seaside Sundeck, Supermarket, Chandlery (we have a marine market where you can find all kinds of sea and yacht materials. We can also receive orders and place them for you), Dive Tank Refilling, Yacht Brokerage Facility

Boat lifts (330 ton, 70 ton, 50 ton), Large Capacity Land Storages (with water & power access), Moorage (with water & electricity), Large Capacity Moorage, Repair & maintenance services in hangars, Hull pressure washing & cleaning, Painting & fiberglass work (we are make all painting, shining and osmosis works for boat in our marina), Mechanical Engine Repairs & Maintenance, Electrical (we have electrical specialist for repair all types electrical failures (24 V – 220 V and 380 V) in our staff in our marina) and Electronics work, Carpentry (in a harbor, in or outside design, viewpoint and repair of yachts are made by our personnel), Lathe – Welding & metal work (we do all kinds of lathe, chrome works, welding transport and cutting carefully), Sail & canvas work, Rigging & equipment work, Ventilation & air conditioning, Inflatable boat & life raft repair service, Maintenance services during Lay up (Battery checking and service, Aeration & Ventilation, Engine & Operation, General Cleaning), Access to Sail washing & drying area.

Gino Yachting
Maintenance and repair service for all types of yachts (GRP, wood, steel, aluminum, etc.) Diesel motors, outboard, generators, general mechanical repairs; Metal turning & S/S fabrication; water and fuel tank building and repairing; teak deck, re-sealing, hull repairs; painting,antifouling, spray, varnish, osmosis treatment; refrigerator & air-conditioning installation; fiberglass GRP service & epoxy repairs; electrical & electronical service; upholstery, sail repairs; guardianage; life raft service.

Anker Marina
The AMS facility is a fully integrated maintenance and repair service for both sail and powerboats. It consists of a designated team of experts with support workshops for Engineering, Wood Works, Mechanical Services, Electrical Services, Painting Services, Glass Services, Osmosis Treatments, Metal Works. Each of the individual sections is seamlessly linked to the central control office, which is responsibled for the company’s quality assurance and guarantee.

Demir Marine
General Maintenance and Refits, Specialist in Spray Painting–Awl Grip & International, Specialist in Osmosis Treatment with Hotvac, Fiberglass Repairs & Epoxy applications, Carpentry and Teak Deck, Rigging-Stalock & Swaging, Stainless Steel and Metal Work, Electrical Services, Refrigeration and Cooling Systems, Spare Parts Sourcing, Technical Control of All On-board Systems, General Engineering and Mechanical Services, Preparation for Lay-up and Launching.

Mooring assistance, Diving Service

First Aid & Medical Services (on call), Ambulance Service (on call), Veterinary Service (on call – we have 24 hour service for all kinds of pets from our professional veterinarians.)

Gated Entrance, Watch tower & video surveillance units, 24 hour security service (Certified Personnel), Fire detection & warning systems, Fire Fighting Equipment & Certified Personnel

Sea water circulation pumps, Waste water collection & treatment plant, Garbage re-cycling collection stations (we have 3 garbage box 5 different point in our marina. They are for normal,acid and liquid garbages), Used engine oil collection stations (you can put your oil churn to stations for oil churns. We have 5 stations in our marina), Holding tank pump out.

Shopping : Hipermarkets, Supermarkets, Shops, Stores, Markets
Repairing & Maintenance Workshops
Technical Equipment Shops
Accommodation : Pensions, Hotels, Motels, Apart Hotels, Rent Houses
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries, Fish Restaurants
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet
Health : Hospital, Health Centers, Pharmacies, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists
Hair dresser
Entertainment : Discotheques, Bars, Night Clubs

Most tourists enjoy visiting markets in both Marmaris (Armutalan) and Içmeler. The markets sell most of the same things the local shops stock but one can haggle a bit more. The market in the Armutalan area of Marmaris is on a Thursday and the Içmeler market is every Wednesday.

Marmaris is famous for its fantastic nightlife. For pre partying drinks many small bars along the beachfront offer the perfect place to watch the warm sun set. There are a selection of good clubs along the beachfront which play a variety of music and cater to different tastes.

For hard core partiers Bar street is where the party’s at. Located in the old town this street has over 100 bars and clubs ranging from rock bars to Club arena, a huge outdoor nightclub with foam parties. All are open to at least 4 am. Beware when drinking in Bar Street as prices are much higher than those along the beach front although entry to most clubs is free and there are periods when there are special offers available.

Fish Restaurants are very famous with their fishes, cooking and services. Fishes available due to seasons.

Akya (Lear fish), Çipura (Sea Bream), Levrek (Sea bass), Kalamar (Calamary), Palamut (Atlantic bonito), Kılıç (Sword fish), Trança (Pagry), Sinağrit (Dentex), Orfoz (Gouper), Yazılı Orkinos (Little tunny-bonito), Kalamar (Calamary), Ahtapot (Octopus), Yengeç (Crab), İstakoz (Lobster), Karides (Shrimp), Mezgit (Whiting), Mavi Mezgit (Blue Whitting), Kırma Mercan (Pandora), Çizgili Mercan (Striped bream), Barbunya (Red mullet), İzmarit (Piceral), Karagöz (Two Banded Bream), İspari (Annular bream), Lahoz (Waker), Sardalya (Gilt sardine), Has Kefal (Striped mullet), Sivriburun Kefal (Sharp noise mullet), Sarıyanak Kefal (Golden mullet), Kalın Dudaklı Kefal (Thick lipped mullet), İnce Dudaklı Kefal (Thin lipped mullet)

Bus : Marmaris – Dalaman
Ferryboat : Marmaris – Rhodos (Greece)
Seabus : Marmaris – Rhodos (Greece)
Airport : Dalaman International Airport, Milas-Bodrum International Airport

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Marmaris, Muğla Province, Turkey

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