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GPS : 37°00’00.8″N 27°43’58.6″E / 37.000234, 27.732943

Mazı is a virgin cove just near Bodrum with extremely clean water. It has not yet been opened up to construction, has a very green character, with monumental trees and stones.

You might wonder how it could have stayed untouched in comparison to other coves and yet being so close to Bodrum. The village on Inceyali’s shore is a heaven for those wanting to sunbathe, to rest in the quiet Aegean waters and begin a seafood diet.

The village of Mazı on Gökova shores was built on higher grounds so as to not to be seen by pirates and thus avoid their attacks. An olive-tree-shrouded haven that protects people from pirates in ancient times. The main income of the village comes from Carpet making. In every house you can see a workbench at which sits a girl rapidly and enthusiastically weaving the Milas style carpets in colours of yellow, cream and brown.

The beach of Inceyali is very winding. Permeated by utter tranquility, mother nature slumbers on under the sky’s blue dome. The sun, which rose only moments ago, has not yet bathed the cove of Taşlı Yalı in all its colors. Stirred by a light breeze, the rhythmic beat of the waves rushing to shore drowns out the sound of my footsteps. The water’s ebb and flow becomes a playful game with the pebbles. Just as the cycle of life shapes a person’s life with endless possibilities, the pebbles too are tossed hither and yon, continuously washed by the sea’s salt water.

Mazı is quite different from the usual vacation spot. Don’t expect to find any boutique hotels, discotheques or resort villages here. This is a place to satisfy only those who seek peace and quiet and a refuge from the crowded city.

Serene coves, as calm as can be, with a few simple hotels and restaurants nestled in the bosom of nature, fish restaurants offering the fruit of the sea, and the crystal clear waters of the sea.

A scent of geraniums wafts through gardens shaded by olive leaves. You cast off your slumber in the cove’s cool waters, which is transformed into an artist’s canvas in tones of green, blue, turquoise and azure. A rich breakfast follows, enhanced by the delicious flavor of the local olive oil. If you’re feeling lazy, a hammock awaits you in the shade of the orange trees, or a chaise longue at the shore. If it’s stimulation you seek, you can enjoy the pleasure of feeling the cool blue waters on your skin, or pursuing a school of fish through the rocks with a snorkel.

The village of Taşlı Yalı (Stone Mansion) with its two lone pensions is peaceful beyond belief. White caps cool the pebble beach under the scorching August sun. İnce Yalı cove, separated by pine trees on the other side of the headland, is a little more lively with a few tumbledown pensions and restaurants. A beach at the foot of a hill covered with olive and locust trees is enveloped by nature like a child with a chill. The guests at the pensions, which are separated by wooden fences, quickly make friends on the tiny (İnce Yalı) beach where they meet every day.

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Bodrum, Muğla Province, Turkey

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