Mirina Marina

Mirina 814 00, Lemnos Greece

VHF : 82

GPS: 39°52’28.4″N 25°03’34.4″E / 39.874556, 25.059562

Myrina (Μύρινα) or Mirina provides very good shelter. You can either moor stern-to on the N quay or anchor off-shore. The inner harbor is too shallow and it is crowded with fishing boats. The mooring places at the N quay are not many and it best to arrive early. The harbor water is dirty.
Caution: Avoid the spot where the ferryboat from Ayios Efstratios moors. If you tie there, the Limenarchio (coast guard) will be asking you to move at a very early morning hour.
The town of Myrina is very attractive with many reminders of its Ottoman past. It is dominated by the Byzantine castle, built by the emperor Andronikos. There are many stores and little streets, yet it is not crowded and there is an over all laid back atmosphere.
There are water and electricity outlets by the quay and a mini-tank delivering Diesel fuel comes by in the afternoons. Good shopping and restaurants.

The holding in the mud/sand of the harbour is good, as is the shelter from the prevailing NE wind. Anchor within the 5m contour. There is a dinghy landing by the entrance to the inner harbour.

The Inner Quay – berthing stern or bows-to using your anchor.
The Northern Jetty – berthing side-to, if there is no ferry due.
The Southern Jetty – no berthing here as this is the commercial jetty.
Yachts should note however that ferries in fact use both the Southern jetty and the Northern jetty, especially if there is a strong NE wind blowing, then the Northern jetty is preferred.

The town quay is safe enough, but with a strong NE wind yachts berthed there tend to surge in the gusts. Many put out springs, but there still tends to be a certain amount of crashing and bashing. Skippers should make sure that the mast is not in line with that of the next yacht. Cruisers also report that the bottom here is full of debris, so snagging your anchor is likely.

Caution: Avoid the spot where the ferryboat from Ayios Efstratios moors. If you tie there, the Limenarchio (coast guard) will be asking you to move at a very early morning hour.

Water and electricity are supposed to be metered using a card system, however currently this is not functioning therefore water and electricity are free.

Myrina Port is a small harbour situated in the city of Myrina with instant access to the shores of the Aegean Sea. This idyllic and remote area is the ideal vacation destination for those interested in spending quality time with their family or friends on the numerous sandy beaches of the superb Aegean coastline. Myrina is a small city but the nightlife in this area is astonishing. With bars, discos, and restaurants on the beaches, Myrina is full of friendly locals as well as young tourists. The finest venues in the area feature names like Manos, Blue Waters, Nautilos, Cavo Del Mare and Sto Kastro. The hotels in Myrina will accommodate your every need and will ensure that your vacation here will be one to remember. Ifestos Hotel, Hotel Diamantides and Porto Myrina Palace Hotel are the most famous hotels in the area and will dazzle you with seaside views and cheerful personnel. Prepare your camera to immortalise unique sceneries and fantastic landscapes in Myrina Port.


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Myrina, Greece

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