Sarpdere, Urla – İzmir – Turkey

GPS : 38°10’18.8″N 26°30’59.3″E / 38.171888, 26.516460

Nergis Koyu is 6.5 miles from the north west of Teke Point. It indents to the north. Nergis Koyu is the prettiest and safest anchorage of Sarpdere Port. It stands on the east side of the entry.The bay ends in a nice beach.

Depths in the bay gradually shelve ashore. Nergis Bay provides all round shelter though northerly winds rarely send in a swell. Nergis is the most attractive and peaceful with good depths for anchoring and water clear as glass.

However, an uncomfortable chop develops with strong northerly winds as there is a fetch of nearly a mile across the bay. Anchor in 4 metres in sand with patches of weed. The holding is good although the sand in parts is firm and it needs a good burst on the engine to dig the anchor in.

The settings are very attractive. The bottom is so clear; you can see many hues of blue. Do not miss lingering in this unique environment.

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