Ahmetbeyli, Menderes – İzmir – Turkey

GPS : 37°59’22.0″N 27°11’51.5″E / 37.989448, 27.197645

The ruins of the city are now found east of the modern town Ahmetbeyli in the Menderes district of Izmir Province, Turkey.

All that is now visible of this little excavated ancient acropolis, located in a romantic setting in the shade of pine trees and surrounded by wild flowers and copses of trees, are the fragments of ramparts and the levelled ruins of a temple dedicated to Athena. The ruins of Claros can also be visited nearby. In the evening, when the sun is setting, the small theatre (2C AD) creates an enchanting scene, from where the views are equally delightful.

The site of ancient Notion or Notion-by-the-sea is located south of Izmir, 30 km from the town of Değirmendere. Notion served os a port to the Ionian city of Kolophon, and is situated just a few kilometers south of one of the most important religious centers in antiquity, the site of Klaros. Ancient Notion was built on a hill above the sea, and ployed an important role as a naval and commercial center.

Notion occupied an area of 500 x I,000 metres on two flat-topped hills which rose up on the coast and were separated from each other by a narrow neck of land. The town was about 2 km distant from the Klaros temple. A French archaeological expedition worked here under Charles Picard in 1921. The 4 km- long city wall was erected in the Hellenistic age. It was built of regular square blocks and fortified with square towers; Roman mortar repair work can be observed on some of the faces.

Two gates to the city are still visible : one on the west, the other on the north. Other gates must have existed, however. There was also an entrance with steps at the south-eastern end. The ruins themselves are poorly preserved, but there is a magnificent view from the top of the acropolis to Samos in the south, Kuşadası in the south-east and to Ephesus. A temple encircled with colonnades is to be found on the western hill.

Only the foundation of this templum in antis of the Corinthian order is still standing; the measurements of temple were 7,50 x 16 m the krepidoma ( the platform ) was three-stepped. The frieze was adorned with garlands made from sprays of bay leaves which supported the heads of bulls. The temple was consecrated to Athena Polias and dates from the time of Hadrian. To the east of the temple can be seen the remains of the foundations of an altar measuring 5.30 x 7.72 m the temple and the altar were surrounded on all four sides by stoas of the Doric order. The exterior measurements of the temenos, including the stoas, were 17.10 x 38.1 5 m.

Shops were arranged along the outer faces of the stoas on the east, west and south. The non-axial arrangement of the stoas, the temple and the temenos is reminiscent of the plan of the Athena temenos at Pergamon. This arrangement, which was contrary to that customary in Roman art, perhaps arose from the fact that the citizens of Notion in the Roman period wished to conform to the traditional style in which the aforementioned buildings of the Hellenistic period were constructed.

The remains of a small temple are to be found to the north-east of the sanctuary of Athena, but it is not known to which god the temple was dedicated. There were originally two agars on the acropolis: one centrally placed the other to the east; however, neither of these has yielded any well-preserved remains. Close by the east side of the agora, which lies in the middle of the acropolis, are the ruins of a bouleuterion.

The city theatre occupied an area in the north-east sector of the acropolis, to the north-west of the eastern agora. This small westward-facing theatre, which was erected in Hellenistic times, underwent extensive structural alterations in the Roman era. Although the horseshoe shape was retained, the theatron was rebuilt with an arched diazoma which conformed to the Roman constructional style.

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Town is on the Kuşadası – Selçuk – Seferihisar – Urla road.
Minibus : Maydanoz – Özdere, Ahmetbeyli
Bus : Maydanoz – Özdere, İzmir, Ahmetbeyli, Kuşadası
Airport : İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

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Ahmetbeyli Mahallesi, 35470 Menderes/İzmir, Turkey

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