Port Sigri

Lesbos 811 05, Greece.

GPS: 39°12’45.9″N 25°51’05.9″E / 39.212751, 25.851625

On the remote western coast of Lesvos, Sigri is a typical Greek fishing village relatively untouched by tourists. There is a small quay here available to visiting yachts when no ferry is in town. Alternatively anchor in the bay south of the village. This offers good shelter from the Meltemi. Water is available on the quay.

Sigri is at the SW corner of Lesvos. It is protected from the W by Meganisi or Sigri Island and surrounded by wonderful pristine beaches. There are many secure nearby anchorages. With the meltemi it is best to anchor under the lee of the castle on the S of the town at 6 m. There is a reputation of bad holding but I have never had any trouble here. To be prudent check the anchor with a snorkel.
With southerly winds it best to anchor N of the castle just off the entrance of the small fishing harbor in depths about 7-5 m. Good holding on mud. Alternately, you can go to Faneromeni N of Sigri Bay. Another wonderful totally isolated cove is further N is Cape Petrinos.
Caution: It is better to enter and exit Sigri Bay during daylight and via the S channel between Sedhousa Island and Cape Sigri. The N channel should only be used by relatively shallow draught yachts and in settled conditions, as there are minimum depths of 4.5 metres at the southern end.


The Petrified Forest is a unique protected nature reserve. It originated in prehistory when a volcanic eruption buried the trees under volcanic ash. At The Petrified Forest, you’ll see twenty million year old trees. One has found fossil plants and trees here such as the redwood tree, which is only available in tropical and subtropical climates. Scientists conclude that Lesbos in prehistoric times had a tropical climate.

The Petrified Forest of Lesbos is the largest park in the world with petrified trees. By volcanic eruptions are very large trees and roots petrified. In the park you can take a short or a long walk.


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Lesbos 811 05, Greece

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