Porto di Mola di Bari

VHF: 09

Lungomare Dalmazia, 70042 Mola di Bari BA,  Italy

VHF: 09

GPS: 41°03’39.9″N 17°05’43.4″E  /  41.061089, 17.095392

The harbour is sheltered to the north by a breakwater protecting a three-arm, and to the east from the new east pier with two arms length is about 700 m; the arm of the levant encompasses the old port basin. Inside the harbor basin are placed a few floating docks.
To access navigate along the wharf to avoid the shallows.

The Porto di Mola di Bari is located in Bari (Italy). All guests who moor there will have access to very basic services, such as water and electricity. This marina has 50 moorings for boats with a maximum length of up to 12.00 m and a maximum draught of 1.80 m. In addition, the marina can also provide its customers nautical services which may be of use: restaurant, gas station… In the event that you have to do some kind of work on your boat, the Porto di Mola has a travelift for boats up to 40 tons and a ramp. Also offers maintenance and repair of vessels.

Places of interest

Monuments and places of interest

Angevin Castle
In order to defend the coast from pirate attacks, together with the rebuilding of the city and close to the walls, Charles I of Anjou in 1277 ordered the construction of a palacium, entrusting the supervision of works by the famous royal carpenters Pierre d’Angicourt and Jean from Toul. The project was completed two years later.

Mother Church
Dedicated to St. Nicholas of Bari, it is located in the old village not far from the sea. Built in the late thirteenth century, probably during the re-establishment of the city of Anjou, it poured in the sixteenth century in very bad condition.

Frescos inside the palace Roberti

The imposing building, overlooking the central Piazza XX Settembre, was built between 1760 and 1770 by Giambattista Roberti, a member of a family notable molese source Matera, under the direction of Vincenzo Ruffo, a pupil of Vanvitelli. The symmetrical facade, in late Baroque style, is marked by three theories of windows. At the center, the lodge overlooks the majestic noble Neapolitan style of door that gives access to a large courtyard, on which engages the outer staircase leading to the upper floors and the porch. (1783). In addition to the surnames of the families who owned it, the building is popularly known as the “palace of the Hundred Rooms” by impressiveness that sets it apart

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Lungomare Dalmazia, 70042 Mola di Bari BA,  Italy


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Gas station
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