Santa Marija Bay

Santa Marija Bay, Għajnsielem, Gvernatur Road, Comino,  Malta

GPS: 36°01’00.3″N 14°20’12.8″E   /  36.016762, 14.336901

Santa Maria Bay is Comino’s second little bay. Just 20min walk away from the beautiful Blue Lagoon, it’s not as visually mesmerizing as its big brother, however it’s still well worth a visit simply because of the sense of peace it instills on its visitors.

Santa Marija Bay: This is one of the most popular bathing spots on Comino, a 3.5 square kilometre island renowned for its crystal clear waters. Sandy bottom with good holding. Open to N and NE winds. Crowded in summer, especially weekends.

Santa Maria Bay is located in Comino and this small,sandy befch is a quieter option than its popular neighbour, the blue lagoon which is only a 20 minute walk away.  Even though Santa Maria Bay is not as beautiful and breathtaking as the Lagoon, it is a better option for the bathers looking for some relaxation.

Santa Maria Bay has shallow, clear waters and is set just next to Comino’s cute little police station to keep control the boats around Comino. It is mostly the locals coming with boats or guests from the Comino Hotel, as the 20 min walk from The Blue Lagoon can be exhausting in the summer heat. Santa Maria Bay might have some dead algae on the shore due to the currents, other than that, the beach is clean with bins around.

Another advantage Santa Maria Bay has over The Blue Lagoon are the lifeguards guarding over the bathers and the children. Santa Maria Bay is close to the Comino Hotel and the facilities at Santa Maria Bay are limited to the Comino Hotel.

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Santa Marija Bay, Għajnsielem, Gvernatur Road, Comino,  Malta


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