Akbük, Didim – Aydın – Turkey

GPS : 37°24’42.4″N 27°24’35.9″E / 37.411776, 27.409975

Saplı Island that is streching like a bridge between its body and the shore is a distinct beauty of nature.

Hippedamos which belongs to BC 6th century on Saplı Island was destroyed later time. Despite the fact that the city walls around the settlement were destroyed by the sea, it is possible to see the ruins of the walls in some places.

Actually Saplı Island is a peninsula. There is a sea road in the sea for a vehicle to pass out easily. It is possible to pass out to the island by foot on the ebb tide and when the sea rises the land and island can be disconnected.

The island is similar to a coffee pot when viewed from above and is a perfect option for excellent beaches. The island is not only a piece of land but also like a balcony that is juttin into the sea. With the smells of the sea and the land in spring, it is becoming a privillage tolive in Akbük.

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Akbük, Akbük Mahallesi, 09270 Didim/Aydın Province, Turkey

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