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GPS : 36°45’47.2″N 27°48’22.9″E / 36.763113, 27.806370

Sarı Liman lies on the west of Değirmenbükü and on the north of Sarı Liman Adası. It provides relative sheltering from breeze. It gets swell in. It is a desolated bay ends by a beach. The bottom is sand. Drop anchor in 5 – 7 m and swing at anchor. Fair weather anchorage.

Remains belonging to the period of Burgaz settlement, which was the place where Knidos was first established, have been excavated by METU on behalf of the T.C. Ministry of Culture since 1998 with the support of Gerda-Henkel Foundation through the cooperation of German Institution of Scientific Research. According to Prof Dr. Numan Tuna this is the place which the famous historian of the ancient age, Herodotus mentioned in his work, where the federation of 6 Dorian cities gathered and organized competitions in the name of Apollon and the famous Apollon Temple where the prizes awarded to the people winning the competitions is also located here.

According to this, the results of the excavation, especially the findings discovered during the excavations made in lower terrace have shown that Emecik Sarı Liman Holy area has been important even for people who live overseas until 6th century B.C. The findings area also interesting in terms of displaying the samples of crockery and limestone and earthenware figurines, which have all been known as belonging to Eastern Greece but have been identified as Knidos goods later, with a rich variety as well as displaying the large hinterland where export goods from Egypt, Phoenicia and Etruscan origins have been identified.

Epigraphic data obtained in the holy area and the qualities shown by valuable archeological works, which have been understood to be votive belongings, show that Archaic Age Emecik Holy Area can be associated to Apollon. Votives, vows, statues, figures of bulls, hawk and warriors, which are going back to 8th – 9th century B.C., have been found during the excavations made in Apollon Temple; it has been revealed during the excavations made in and around the temple that some other temples and churches have been established here in the later periods.

Sarı Liman Adası
GPS : 36°45’33.5″N 27°48’19.8″E / 36.759292, 27.805489

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Datça, İskele Mahallesi, 48900 Datça/Muğla, Turkey

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