Sarpdere, Urla – İzmir – Turkey

GPS : 38°10’30.0″N 26°30’42.0″E / 38.175000, 26.511667

Sarpdere Liman is a bay about 1 nM NW of Kirkdilim Limanı.

There are three anchorages:
West Creek : 38°11’09.6″N 26°31’02.4″E / 38.186000, 26.517333
East Creek : 38°10’55.2″N 26°31’14.4″E / 38.182000, 26.520667

Sarpdere Limani is a small coastal settlement surrounded by low wooded hills. There are new, rather expensive holiday houses to the left of the original homes and goats were heard clanging their bells as they wandered the scrubby bush.

Sarpdere has two coves, the W creek is used by a religious camp who have built ugly concrete blocks and is rather unattractive although the shelter is good. The E cove is prettier, but it is dominated by large high tension power lines which spoil its natural beauty.

Nergis is the most attractive and peaceful of the three, with good depths for anchoring and water clear as glass. However, an uncomfortable chop develops with strong northerly winds as there is a fetch of nearly a mile across the bay.

In all three anchorages, anchor in 4 metres in sand with patches of weed. The holding is good although the sand in parts is firm and it needs a good burst on the engine to dig the anchor in.

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