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GPS : 36°42’36.9″N 28°05’38.9″E / 36.710247, 28.094135

Selimiye is a village in Marmaris District, Muğla Province, Turkey. It belongs to the municipality of Bozburun, in the Bozburun peninsula. Selimiye is a pretty village on the Bozburun Peninsula, 35 km away from Marmaris. The Bozburun Peninsula is a national park so protected against high rise tourist developments and over development seen elsewhere in Kalkan and Kaş.

Many of the restaurants have tables that overlook the bay so you can enjoy a delicious meal next to the crystal-clear blue waters, or explore the historical ruins of three castles from the ancient city of Hydas. Selimiye is peaceful fishing village that seems to flow along a stunning bay, just along the coast from Turgutkoy and Orhaniye.

A beautiful bay surrounded by mountains, with wonderful clear blue sea and a unique waterfront. You can go on the small jetty in the village, or phone ahead and go on to Aurora’s or Sardunia’s jetty. Once you have got your yacht safely moored, then take a wander to explore all that Selimiye can offer you. Whether you want to just sit with a beer, have a wonderful meal, explore the excellent little shops selling really unusual jewelery, gifts or clothes, the choice is yours.

For such a small village, there are an abundance of places to eat and drink. Sardunia restaurant is renowned in Turkey by the Turkish, they travel all the way from Istanbul to stay and eat there. Superb fish cooked in a mound of salt is one of its specialities but whatever you eat, you will really enjoy. The atmosphere is wonderful, buzzing with many happy people and the staff are great. In August, it’s best to book 2-3 days in advance as it is so popular.

Aurora is another lovely location to eat, right on the waterfront with Hussein and Suzanne giving you a warm welcome. They provide a wonderful Turkish Breakfast, which if you have never tried, you must! Also voted in the top three restaurants of our clients, one of their most popular evening dishes is cheesy beef. Strips of fillet beef wrapped around mozarella cooked on a skewer, and tastes as good as it looks.

Cere’s coffee house sells an excellent fresh lemonade, probably the best coffee in the village as well as her delicious home made cakes.

After Selimiye Koyu and before arriving at Dirsekbükü, there is Kameriye Adası, Kocaada and Kargı Adalan. Anchoring is possible in these islands.

GPS : 36°44’00.3″N 28°03’22.0″E / 36.733420, 28.056103

Is a place where you can enjoy an early morning anchor and swim or snorkel on the southern side of the island. You will often see some interesting fish swimming close to shore and around the yacht.

This was a small but thriving Greek community stretching around the south and south east side of the island. There are some great Greek ruins that have a small Orthodox church built within a larger one from earlier times. There is an old Greek church and a monastery in the South of Kameriye Adası.You can also see some mosaic flooring and a cistern well. Often goats will join you in rambling over the ruins.

In good weather you can anchor on the south side for a stroll ashore or swim stop. Kameriye is ideal for a lunchtime anchorage, but close by are many other great bays to overnight in such as Sailor’s Paradise or Dirsek Bay.

GPS : 36°42’30.6″N 28°05’35.9″E / 36.708505, 28.093306
It now has a new public quay. There are number of anchorages, but the floating pier by village is the main anchorage for berthing.

Quay Facilities
Fuel can be obtained from truck tanker.

After about 40 km from Marmaris, about a 45 minute ride, quiet unspoilt village of Selimiye corner of paradise is reached. Selemiye Koyu is also known as Port Losta. This natural port serving the yacht tourism one of quietly. Selimiye is dominated by the large put off almost a lake view. This natural harbors in the area of ​​fish spawning areas. Fountains, faucets flowing spring water from the Selimiye beekeeping, olive, almond, farming, fishing and wooden boats are made.

The bay is a natural harbor in stormy weather, volcanic structures form natural swimming pool with sea depth in the area is opened 15 meters from the beach 30 – 40 meters is reached. Zoning permit has not come out yet, which is a natural protected area in the village of Selimiye, head over heels you can walk along the beach, you can still catch fish with your fishing rod by the sea, in the west coast of the bay paddle boating can wander pull.

After passing Sığ Burun and turn for village of Selimiye, there are dangerous reefs-1,5 m deep, 30 – 40 m long, and about 250 m offshore-directly on your route. A buoy indicates these reefs. There are also rocks 350 m off the point Karaburun towards Selimiye village, extend for about 40 – 50 m. Stay well off these rocks.

Boats took shelter in stormy weather natural harbor in the bay of Selimiye 2 miles away, gleaming sandy beaches you are looking for can go a shallow harbor. Another alternative for anchoring is the small cove in the South of the entrance. When there is a storm Selimiye becomes a port of refuge for yatches and ships with it’s natural harbour. On the one side of the bay natural harbour is formed like peninsula towards to sea and this formation protects the harbour when there is stormy weather.

The houses of the village lie along the shoreline. It now has a new seaside boardwalk so it is a perfect place to have a walk and explore the many restaurants and quaint shops dotted around the village. The village follows a natural curve around Selimiye Bay, with a pebble beach, a small old harbour for the local fishing boats and a surprisingly cosmopolitan marina for the yachts and the famous gulets.
Health : State Clinic, Pharmacy
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet, Wi-Fi
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries
Accommodation : Hotels, Motels, Pensions, Apart Hotels
Diving : Tours and Courses are available
Special Shopping : Olives, Olive Oil, Almonds, Oregano, Honey
Public Market : Wednesday

Selimiye is most well known for the abundance in seafood restaurants which line the bay. Some restaurants provide a lovely patio setting on their own private piers while guests enjoy a wide assortment of seafood dishes from fresh sea bass to octopus and much more. Anytime is a good time to be in this quaint village of Marmaris. If you love seafood, you might like to try one fish restaurant one night and another the next, solely for the choice in restaurants, the village of Selimiye is a wonderful alternative to dining out. There are several restaurants in this attractive cove that provide free docking, water and electricity.

Turbot, Gilt-Head Bream, Sea Bass, Largescaled Scorpionfish, Whiting, Bonito, Dentex, Red Mullet, Waker, Lear Fish, Common Sole, Sword Fish, Striped Goat Fish, Salmon, Sea Bream, Erytrinus, Angler Fish, John Dory, Small Bluefish, Bluefish, Very Small Bluefish, Red Gurnard, Piper Gurnard, Mackerel

Shrimp, Prawn, Squid, Common Octopus, Crab, Leg, Mediterranean Mussel, Common Lobster, Spiny Lobster

Selimiye has an ancient history just like Bozburun peninsula. You have chance to see historic remains around here. Ancient name of Selimiye calls Hydas and there are three castle remains in here. One of them located on the highest hill of Selimiye, the other one is on the Sarıkaya hill and the last one appears on Aşarkale in Kızılköy. There are city wall remains belongs to Hellenistic period on the southern east side of the hills which have been visiting by many domestic and foreign visitors. There are other remains worth to see here like lighthouse, abbey, theatere and watch tower. And also there are so many wrecks here and the remains from these wrecks are being presented in Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology.

Selimiye – 110 km from Dalaman airport, 160 km from Bodrum Airport, 25 km from Marmaris, 3.5 km from Hisarönü.
Minibus : Selimiye – Marmaris
Bus : Marmaris – Dalaman
Ferryboat : Marmaris – Rhodes (Greece)
Seabus : Marmaris – Rhodes (Greece)
Airport : Dalaman International Airport, Milas-Bodrum International Airport

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