Selimiye, Marmaris – Muğla – Turkey

GPS : 36°43’37.0″N 28°05’24.8″E / 36.726938, 28.090207

At Selimiye Cove, which is used by boats for shelter in stormy weather as it is a natural port, if you are seeking a beach you should go to “Sığ Liman” (Shallow Port) 2 kilometres away where there is very fine sand. Two km from the centre Sığ Liman is waiting for sea lovers with a shallow and sandy beach for the first 100 meters, followed by neighborhood bays and islands with clear water.

Sığ Liman is squeezed between points; Küçüve and Sığ Burun. It indents to the west. Pine trees cover the slopes. Swimming is a real delight here. A rough path goes to Selimiye village. Most provisions are available in Selimiye. The bottom is so clear, it is hard to belive that you are not to going to touch the bottom.

The depths shelve ashore from the middle. The bottom is weed and sand. Boats can be anchored off in 4 – 12 m. It is the best to get a line ashore for overnight staying and ease your chain as much as possible, pay attention to avoid from tangling of others. Make sure your anchor is well dug in. The bay gets swell when northerlies blow strong.

This anchorage gets crowded by tripper boats, But nights are quite.

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Selimiye, Selimiye Mahallesi, 48710 Marmaris/Muğla, Turkey

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