Sinop -Turkey

GPS : 42°01’20.3″N 35°08’35.3″E / 42.022317, 35.143129

İnceburun Lighthouse
GPS : 42°05’49.5″N 34°56’41.7″E / 42.097088, 34.944916
Focal Plane : 26 m ( 85 ft ), Tower Height : 12 m ( 39 ft )
Character : W.Gp.FL.(4) 20.0 Second (four white flashes every 20 second), Flashing Character : 3 (0.5+2.0) +0.5+12.0
Visibility Range : 9 nautical miles

Boztepe Lighthouse
GPS : 42°01’38.4″N 35°11’40.9″E / 42.027335, 35.194690
Focal Plane : 107 m ( 351 ft ), Tower Height : 4 m ( 13 ft )
Character : W.Gp.FL.(2) 15.0 Second (two white flashes every 3 second), Flashing Character : 1.0+3.0+1.0+10.0
Visibility Range : 9 nautical miles

Akliman Lighthouse
GPS : 42°03’08.2″N 35°02’52.9″E / 42.052267, 35.048021
Focal Plane : 20 m, Tower Height : 5 m
Character : R.FL.5.0 Second, Flashing Character : 0.5+4.5
Visibility Range : 6 nautical miles

VHF Channel : 73
Call Sign : ” sinop harbour ”

Main Breakwater Lighthouse
GPS : 42°01’18.1″N 35°08’38.4″E / 42.021684, 35.143996

Port Pier Lighthouse
GPS : 42°01’16.4″N 35°09’08.1″E / 42.021231, 35.152257

Sinop is a port of entry/exit to Turkey.

Sinop is a city on İnce Burun (İnceburun, Cape), by its Cape Sinop (Sinop Burnu, Boztepe Cape, Boztepe Burnu) which is situated on the most northern edge of the Turkish side of the Black Sea coast, in the ancient region of Paphlagonia, in modern-day northern Turkey, historically known as Sinope. It is the capital of Sinop Province. Straddling a beach-studded isthmus, and blessed with the finest natural harbour on the Black Sea, sleepy Sinop is renowned as one of the prettiest towns along the coast.

A fine clutch of monuments bestows a real authority on the place, even if most visitors are content to relax along the café-lined harbour-front, where bobbing boats supply the day’s catch to the line of restaurants behind. Although time has inevitably taken its toll, Sinop’s prominent city walls remain by far its most compelling feature.

Opposite the old fortress and prison, the bulky Kumkapı juts out bastion-like into the sea on the northern shore, while down near the harbour a hefty square tower offers good views out to sea, and strolls along the nearby sections of wall.

The harbor is very crowded with large, steel fishing boats and does not look particularly inviting. The fishing boats however are likely to make room for a visiting yacht.

Warning: You may not find room in this crowded harbor, so be prepared to go elsewhere.

Approach and Navigation
The approaches to Sinop are straightforward.

Capacity : 200 Boats

Outer Breakwater : 550 m

Depth : 3.4 m – 4.6 m / 11 – 15 ft

Drinking Water
Administration Buildings
Net Repairing Place

Administration : Sinop Municipality – Sinop Fishery Products Cooperative

Health : Hospital, Health Center, Pharmacies, Doctors, Nurses, Dentists
Shopping : Supermarkets, Shops, Markets, Stores
Reparing & Maintenance Workshops
Technical Equipment Shops
Accommodation : Pensions, Hotels, Motels, Apart Hotels, Rental Houses
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet, Wi-Fi
Hair dresser : City center
Laundry : City center
Bank, ATM : City center
Beach : Long sandy beaches


Pier : 260 m

Depth :12.30 m – 6 m


Sinop Fortress
Located direct at the coast of Black Sea on the northwest part of Cape Sinop, the Sinop Fortress was constructed initially in the 7th century BC when the city was re-founded as a Greek colony from the city of Miletus. It was extended and repaired several times in its history by Persians, Kingdom of Pontus, Romans and Byzantines. The fortress took its main form during the reign of Pontus King Mithradates Eupator in 72 BC.

Following the capture of the city on October 3, 1214, Izz ad-Din Kaykaus II, sultan of Seljuk Turks of Rum divided the fortress in two parts by erecting a wall in north-south direction. The inner fortress of today was formed by adding another wall in the west-east direction. Since then, the inner fortress was used also as shipyard and dungeon. The oldest document that shows the fortress was used as dungeon dates back to 1568.

The walls of the fortress are 18 m high and 3 m wide. There are eleven watchtowers of 22 m height, five of them added during the construction of the inner fortress

Sinop Fortress Prison
Sinop Fortress Prison, (Turkish: Sinop Kale Cezaevi) was a state prison situated in the inside of the Sinop Fortress in Sinop, Turkey. As one of the oldest prisons of Turkey, it was established in 1887 within the inner fortress of the centuries-old fortification located on the northwestern part of Cape Sinop. The prison was closed down in 1997 and the inmates were transferred to a modern prison newly built in Sinop.

Designed in U-shape, a stonemasonry prison building with 28 halls on two floors was erected in 1887 in the inside of the southern inner fortress. For use by the prisoners, a Turkish bath (Turkish: hamam) with a single dome was built also next to the prison building. In 1939, an extension building with 9 halls on two floors, architectural conform with the main building, was added for use as juvenile prison. The inner fortress holding the prison facilities covers an area of 10,247 m2.

The prison was considered as a high-security penitentiary with no escape possibility due to its position within a fortress. The top of the walls of the inner fortress served to the patrolling prison guard as walkway. The living conditions at the prison, where it was difficult even to light a match, were very harsh due to the moisture caused by the location of the prison very close to the sea.

In the beginning of the 20th century, a rehabilitation program was set up for the prisoners. The inmates were given the opportunity to learn and practize handicraft such as woodworking and jewelry that enabled them to potter and to earn money from the items they produced and sold.

They are clean and have pleasant services. Fishes available due to seasons.


Minibus : Sinop – Güzelkent, Türkeli, Ayancık
Bus : Sinop – Güzelkent, Türkeli, Ayancık, Gerze, Çatalzeytin, İnebolu
Airport : Bartın – Çaycuma Airport, Kastamonu Airport, Zonguldak Airport, Sinop Airport, Samsun International Airport

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