Ayvacık – Çanakkale – Turkey

GPS : 39°28’02.3″N 26°14’07.0″E / 39.467298, 26.235263

Sivrice Lighthouse
GPS : 39°27’53.2″N 26°14’23.1″E / 39.464773, 26.239747
Focal Plane : 16 m, Tower Height : 12 m
Character : W. FI. (2) 10.0 Second, Flashing Character : 0.5+2.0+0.5+7.0
Visibility Range : 15 nautical miles

VHF Channel : 16
Call Sign : ” Sivrice Marina ”
The way Assos and the Küçükkuyu coast embraced tourism encouraged the rest of the western coast of Turkey to open up. One of the most rapidly developed beaches in this region is the at the village of Koyunevi, you descend to a half moon shaped long sandy cove. Opposite is the Greek island of Midilli. Stretching along the shore there are small motels and pensions lined up, their restaurants under the shade of vines always serving fresh seafood. This shore with its reasonable prices is the new discovery of those who are tired of crowded holiday resorts and seek a quite, restful spot.

The living of the village consisted of growing olives, olive oil production and fishing before it started to deal with tourism. Even now, the main sources of income are still those of the past. The range of seafood for the day relies on what was caught in the nets of the fisherman that very day. The Sokakağzı bay, as is on the route of the migratory fish, hosts many types of fish at various times, though you can always get swordfish on a skewer.


The lighthouse at the end of the East foreland.
Dangers Approach by the S or SE: take care to projection to the NE on 150 – 200 m with no or low draught. A low draught should be at 1000 m in the NE of the bay.

The ground is safe, except near the rocky projection; the defiance, because the draught is variable and quite low. Ground variable of seaweeds and rocky plates, except near the beach (sand and gravel).
In the morning, if the wind blows from NE sector, that is not an installed meltem, at 13 h about the wind blows quite good from the NW. There is another anchorage in the NW of the bay.

Sivrice Limanı lies on the west of Point Sivrice on the northern part of the west of Gulf Edremit. Sea level rocks of the sunken mole extend out to the west about 350 meters. Boats anchor on the rear side of this mole. The depth is around 2 – 6 meters. Sivrice Port is a good shelter from northerly and easterly winds. The bottom is weed and sand. Make sure that your anchor is dug in well. There is a shelter by the light; it is for the local fishing boats only.

Capacity : 25 Boats

Outer Breakwater : 60 m

Drinkable water

Administration : Koyunevi Village Headman

There is no coastal road leading to the lighthouse, first you have to travel for 4.5 km to the east and then move towards the shore to reach the Sivrice Lighthouse and the Sütlüce Cove.

Accommodation : Hotels, Motels, Pensions, Rental Houses
Library : Sivrice Lighthouse Marine Library
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries
Health : Hospital, Health Center (Ayvacık)
Communication : Phone, Internet
Beach : Narrow, clear, stoned beach

The public beach has no charges. Everyone swims from the front of the motel they stay in and all requirements are met by the motel. Motels are run as a family business. Each member of the family undertakes a job. Some of the motels are run by those who ran away from big cities. Though Sokakağzı is developing as a holiday place there are no crowds and no loud entertainment. However, it is attracting divers and there is a dive school and spear fishing tours in Sütlüce Cove.

As it is positioned at the crossing point between Marmara and the Aegean, according to the season you can get several fresh fishes. You can sample fish in the village. There are a few fish restaurants in the village.


Minibus – Sivrice – Sokakağzı, Koyunevi, Balabanlı, Bektaş, Ayvacık
Bus : Koyunevi – Ayvacık
Airport : İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport

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Ayvacık, Çanakkale, 17860 Ayvacık/Çanakkale, Turkey

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