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GPS : 36°33’46.5″N 29°05’00.2″E / 36.562924, 29.083390

The final option for this area is Soguk Su or Coldwater Bay, so named because of the freshwater springs that bubble up from the depths. It’s a bit of a shock when swimmers discover that the warm saline water is topped with a freezing layer…but in the heat of the summer it is rather refreshing. In the daytime this beautiful bay is crowded with daily boat trips but don’t despair, by the evening they will have gone, leaving the place free for the yachties.

Sometimes also refered to as Fresh water bay, the underground stream surfaces at sea water level in the corner of the bay. This provides an unsual and refreshing experience when swimming as you will suddenly and enexpectedly feel areas of very cold water around you. Sometimes to one side or other, often at different levels, where your upper body is cold and your lower body warm. In the height of summer it is very refreshing.

A creek indenting to the west is called as Soğuksu Limanı. A bight on S between the rocks, allows room for just two boats. There is a cool spring on W where swimming is a real delight. There is a nice beach at the head of the cove. Boats drop anchor in 6 – 8 m off the beach and take a line ashore. The bay is open to southerlies.

Soğuksu Limanı is a well sheltered crystal bay fed by refreshing springs in the south west corner. A boatman from the restaurant will direct your anchor placement and run a line to preset attachments on the cliff face. Restaurant is lovely.

The settings are attractive and this anchorage is very popular. This pretty bay used to be the port for Kayaköy village. A path goes up to hill to the abandoned village. A tomb from Lycians is on the hill.

Mooring here is by anchor and long line ashore. As the bay is often busy, Ali and his team will guide you exactly where to drop your anchor, and then take your long lines ashore for you. His red runabout and coolie hat are unmistakeable. You can even request free collection and delivery of your party for the restaurant.

The restaurant is a popular choice, not least for the view from its location half way up the hill. The view is spectacular and some photos taken here.

Ali the owner likes to travel in the winter and his Thai chicken curry is a good example of the varied menu. All meat and fish is cooked on an open grill at the restaurant entrance, and served by courteous Turkish ladies who speak excellent english. It is also possible to buy homemade crafts from a little stall here. If you are lucky enough to arrive on a night with a large party, you may also get to enjoy some traditional Turkish belly dancing.

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Fethiye, Muğla Province, Turkey

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