Kuşadası – Aydın – Turkey

GPS : 37°39’07.8″N 27°00’37.8″E / 37.652168, 27.010510

Su Adası is located in the east side of Tavşan Adası as the island is on the southeast of Sisam Strait. The coastal line of the island is formed as a rock reef so the only possible entry of the bay is located in the south of Tavşan Adası. The bay between Su Islet and the land ensures satisfying shelter from northern winds.

At the entry, there is enough depth (7 – 9 meters) to protect ashore sufficiently. The east side of the bay is shallow and there are seaweeds so be sure about your anchor is well laid out in the seabed as powerful winds will send swell into the bay.

There are sufficient depths at the entry ( 7 – 9 meters) it shelves ashore gradually. The eastern side of the bay is shallow. The bottom is weed-make sure that your anchor is well dug in. Strong breezes will send swell into the bay.

Su Adası is a layover anchorage for those cruising towards Dilek Boğazı (Strait).

Tavşan Islet is connected to shore by rocky reefs; its shoreline is sheer rocks.
GPS : 37°39’05.9″N 27°00’21.4″E / 37.651651, 27.005938

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Kusadasi, Kuşadası/Aydın Province, Turkey

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