Kumluca – Antalya – Turkey

GPS : 36°14’02.9″N 30°28’31.4″E / 36.234127, 30.475403

Taşlıkburnu (Şıldanlar) Lighthouse
GPS : 36°13’09.0″N 30°24’34.8″E / 36.219165, 30.409673
Focal Plane : 227 m, Tower Height : 9
Character : W. Fl. (3) 10.0 Sn., Flashing Character : 0,5+1,5+0,5+1,5+0,5+5,5
Visibility Range : 15 nautical miles

Adrasan Lighthouse
GPS : 36°17’55.9″N 30°29’12.3″E / 36.298850, 30.486739
Focal Plane : 45 m, Tower Height : 10 m
Character : W. Mo. (A) 15.O Sn, Flashing Character : W. Mo. (A) 15.O Sn
Visibility Range : 8 nautical miles

Suluada is one of the islands around Adrasan. The nearest place is from the mainland 1,5 – 2 km. Suluada has a length of 3.64 km.

Coming out of the Sulu Island is the name of freshwater resources. Northern side where the water source, frequently visited by daily tour boats and fishing enthusiasts in the summer. Water flows through all seasons of fall and flow is very cool. It is a place frequented by those who want a drink of water and ice to cool off during the summer months as.

The island is very beautiful beach in the southern and eastern sides. In particular, white sand and pebble beach on the east side of the structure creates a very nice weather. Ambient light reflected from the white sand and gravel is conducive to beautiful pictures withdrawal. Being taken to the magical atmosphere of this place by pulling away into the human Maldives white sandy environment and experienced the air ratio.

Who desire to come to swim in the sea on the island of every cut Adrasan this extraordinary environment, drinking icy cool off in the water, wishing well fishing tours and participating in Adrasan great fishing experience the adrenaline rush of making.

There are many secret places on the island. These places are formed by water erosion over time. Adventure enthusiasts drag into different feelings, Write to cool to sweltering in those places is. These places, environment are available for those who like swimming in an exotic pool. There are several underwater caves, bird nests.

The island has a surface covered with olive trees in general. Midstream rain, the effect of wind and waves soil, only has a sharp appearance remained rock portion. On the island live a few goats.

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Kumluca, Antalya, Turkey

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