Atakent, Silifke – Mersin – Tuırkey

GPS : 36°25’01.8″N 34°05’12.5″E / 36.417162, 34.086800

Atakent is a Mediterranean coastal town in Silifke district which itself is a part of Mersin Province. Alluvial plains of Silifke lie in the west of the town and hilly coastline is in the east of the town. The town is on the D 400 highway. The distance to Mersin is 67 km (42 mi) and to Silifke is 15 km (9.3 mi).

The main activity in Atakent with wide sandy beaches is tourism. Boarding houses and campings as well as newer hotels and clubs attract domestic tourists. Agriculture, especially forced crop agriculture is also an important activity. Fruits, like strawberries are well known products of Atakent.

The ruins of the historical town of Korasion which had been founded by Flavius Uranius, the governor of Roman Province Isauria between 367-375, is on the north east of the town. The ruins of Hellenistic and Roman settlement Karakabaklı are to the north. The new town is actually formed by a merger of four Turkmen villages in 1987. Now the former villages are quarters of the town. Susanoğlu quarter is at the east and Kapızlı quarter is at the west.

Atakent Susanoğlu is known as the pearl and the most precious of Mersin. It is among the most preferred holiday resorts of Mediterranean with its lemon and orange trees, long beaches, friendly and cheerful residents, lazy street cats, peaceful air, historical artifacts and mild climate that stays the same whole year.

Atakent Susanoğlu is 15 km to the east of Silifke, Mersin. It is one of the most developed coasts of the region. Its long and perfect beach becomes full of vacationers that want to swim every summer. In spring with blooming of lemon and orange trees the resort is covered with a beautiful scent and brings about peace.

Beach : Susanoğlu
Special Shopping : Strawberries
Accommodation : Pensions, Hotels, Motels, Apart Hotels
Dining : Restaurants, Cafes, Buffets, Bakeries
Communication : Post Office, Phone, Internet
Shopping : Shops, Stores, Markets
Entertainment : Clubs
Health : Health Centers, Doctors, Nurses
Repairing & Maintenance Workshops : Taşucu
Technical Equipment Shops : Taşucu

Minibus : Susanoğlu – Atakent, Narlıkuyu
Bus : Atakent – Narlıkuyu, Erdemli, Taşucu, Silifke
Airport : Adana Şakirpaşa International Airport, Konya International Airport, Dalaman International Airport, Antalya International Airport, Gazipaşa International Airport

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Atakent, Atakent Mahallesi, 33990 Silifke/Mersin, Turkey

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